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Research Paper- Beauty Pageants

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Why Beauty Pageants Are Bad for Children

Children participating in beauty pageants only spend about two hours or less in actual competition and no longer than 90 seconds on stage for talent or 45 seconds for modeling routines, but for some reason people complain about children competing in beauty pageants. Beauty pageants for children have become very popular in America in the last few years. There are even television shows that are viewed by millions of people that document a day in the life of beauty pageant contestants. Pageant life for young girls is not easy. They are required to wake up early to prepare for their short time on the stage. The children often have hair and make-up artists who get them ready for the competitions. The adults make sure that the children’s hair extensions are in place and curled and that their flippers, fake teeth for those who have any missing teeth, are in the perfect position before they go on stage.

Pageants can last all day and many times children are exhausted, but their parents still push them until they win the highest title awarded for the day. Often parents are the reason why their child is participating in the first place. Parents sometimes live through their children, and they want to make sure their child does their very best at all costs. Some mothers will only accept their young daughter winning the grand supreme title and taking home the cash prize. Beauty pageants for children often deliver negative connotations that involve teaching young girls to care only about looks, having parents push their child too far, and instilling a negative competitive attitude in young girls.

However, some people believe beauty pageants can teach girls valuable lessons. Jennifer Trujillo, a former beauty pageant contestant who is now an associate professor in the teacher education department at Fort Lewis College, believes beauty pageants taught her to walk with grace and project her confidence (Trujillo 1). According to Trujilo, “Beauty pageants can teach girls many valuable lessons. Learning to be articulate, to be confident, and developing thick skin are all important traits that can serve one well beyond the pageant world” (Trujillo 1). Jennifer Trujillo competed in pageants as a girl to earn money for her education. Although she believes that pageants taught her many things, she also felt that some girls did not learn these same lessons. She stated that sometimes the girls were so “cutthroat in their pursuit of cro ...

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