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Police Department Roles And Functions Paper

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Police Department Roles and Functions Paper


On my honor,

I will never betray my badge,

my integrity, my character,

or the public trust.

I will always have

the courage to hold myself

and others accountable for our actions.

I will always uphold the constitution,

my community3 and the agency I serve.

( IACP, 2013)

“Every police department, regardless of its size or location, will have an established set of policing goals that aim to provide that department with a sense of purpose and direction.” (Grant & Terry, 2012)

There are many roles and functions within the police organizations in the United States. “The mission of law enforcement is to maintain public safety primarily by reducing the occurrence of crime in society.” (CJi interactive) There are five responsibilities of the police. They are to enforce the law, arrest offenders, prevent crime, preserve the peace, and provide services. “By enforcing the law, police help preserve the peace. By providing service, they help prevent crime. By apprehending offenders, they enforce the law.” (CJi interactive)

The goals of the police department can be accomplished by multiple strategies. These include preventive patrol, routine incident response, emergency response, criminal investigation, problem solving, and support services. All of these strategies serve a useful purpose in police work.”Policing goals are significant because they help to shape the organizational culture of a police department.” (Grant & Terry, 2012)

In the United States, there are many different police agencies within the local, state, and federal levels. There are just fewer than 18,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States. This includes 12,766 local police departments, 3,067 sheriff’s departments, 49 state police agencies, 1,481 special police ag ...

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