Arrival Of Muslims In Subcontinent

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Arab Traders

Muhammad Bin Qasim’s invasion in 712 AD

The Ghaznavids 976-1148 AD

The Ghauris 1141-1206 AD

Delhi Sultanate 1206-1526 AD

Mughal Empire 1526-1857 AD

Equality and Social Justice

Preaching of Islam

Personal Examples of Bin Qasim’

piety and tolerance

Hindu culture deeply influenced by Muslims trends

Introduced science,philosophy,astronomy and medicine.

Established Military cantonments

Development of Sindhi language, a mixture of Prakrit and Arabic

A new system of taxes named jizya was introduced

Expansion of trade.

Sheikh Ahmed Sirhindi

Personal details:26 June 1564.

Imam Rabani, The reformer of 2nd millennium.

Disciple of Khawaja Baqi Billah


Isbat un Nabuwat

Spiritual guide of the Muslims in India

Passed away in 10 Dec,1024 AD.

Purified Muslim society of un Islamic tendencies.

Preached true spirit of Islam

Emphasized on Ittibat i Sunnah

Letters to the Kings n Rulers

Correspondence with the prominent scholars

Explained religious doctrines

Restored the original teaching of Islam

Emphasized on the concept of Tauheed

Exposed the fallacy of Din e Elahi

Settled differences bw mystics and scholars

Opposed heretical customs and practices

Persuaded Muslims to adopt the simple habits

Importance of Namaz

Negated the philosophy of Wahdat ul Wajood

Emphasized on separate identity of the muslims

Believed in two nation theory

Presented the philosophy of Wahdat ul shahood

Personal details

Delhi born on 21 Feb 1703 AD.

Qutub ud din, real name, Imam ul Hind &Muhadis Delhvi,titles

Father Shah Abdul Rahim

Quran,Hadis,Tafsir,Fiqah,Metaphysics,Logic ,Illm ul kalam,Tib ,Hikmat

Father of Modern Muslim India

Translation of Holy Quran into Persian language

Hujjat ullah al Baligha

Izalat ul Akhifa & Khilafat al Khulafa

Removed misunderstanding bw shia n sunni

An Analytical n balanced approached towards the four schools of thought

Al Nawadir min al Hadis

Tafhimat I Illahiya

Imparted Knowledge

Shah Rafi ud din and Shah Abdul Qadir translated Quran in Urdu language

His grandson waged Jihad against non Muslims,named SHAH Ismaeel Shaheed

Two Pronged Struggle

Purified Muslims society & Armed struggle against foreign n non muslims

Born on 29 Nov 1786 in Rai Baraily

A scholar, mystic n a soldier

Wrote ,Sirat ul Mustaqeem

Dicsipiles Shah Ismaeel n maulana Abdul Haye

Preached Islam

Jihad against sikhs

Personal Details:

Born on 17 Oct 1817 in Delhi.

Khawaja farid ud din, grand father, scholar n mathematician.

Holy Quran,Ara...