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After my mother’s pregnant for ten months, I finally came into the world with a large scream and my life started on 28 July 1993. The first people I met in this world – the doctor pronounced me as a girl. From the date of birth, I have been given a status of being a girl. This social label of being a girl was my gender and the biological distinction between either male or female, was female. My parents knew from experience in society how to treat me based on our society’s standard. They used my gender and personal trait as a girl to make decision about how I was going to be raised. The socialization process is how we learn to act or to follow norms along with what to believe. There are some agents of socialization in my life, which are the people and situations encountered that shape my personality, which I am going to describe.

The society had labeled me as a female from the date of my birth. The way I behave, the dressed I worn was according to the society label on my gender role.

My parents were used to dress me in pink, teach me how to behave girly and buy me Barbie dolls in my young age. All these things were surrounding my whole childhood life and nurtured myself to act the way as a girl. In some certain extent, pink color usually associated as an appropriate color for girl. I have been simply performed the socially accepted way and have been shaped my personality that I was a female.


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