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Cuba’s Society

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Fidel Castro is one of the most historical people for Cuba’s society. Cuba’s revolution was in place that led Castro to power. The dictator before Castro was Batista, who led the whole society to poverty and despair. Most of the citizens were homeless and unemployed only because the government was unfair and discriminative against its own people. The media was controlled by the government and if anybody was employed they were paid so little to even feed their own families. Anybody who was under suspicion or discriminated any way towards the government was taken away and beaten. After putting up with this dictator the society decided that they needed a new leader, Fidel Castro. Castro helped Cuba in many ways and after 20 years improved the country and decreased poverty levels by about 70%. He made changes in education, medical care, and housing. In education, he increased the percent of kids who went to school to 51% and raised the literacy level from 2% to 98%. In housing, he eliminated the grip of landlords held on Cuban properties, banned multiple ownership, gave renters a chance to buy houses for low prices and claims that 85% of Cubans own homes. Even though he mainly did good for his country, there is a very ugly and bad side to him. Anybody who disagreed or discriminated against him were captured, imprisoned, and executed. On the day he died, many people went out and celebrated his death because a lot of the citizens believed he was one of the worst leaders in the world. People were glad he died due to him capturing their loved ones, executing them, and making them flee their homeland.

Academic Impact-

Castro had one the greatest academic impacts on Cuba and probably the world. Whenever elected for dictator, Castro passed laws to children all around the country to go to school and learn. More than 50% of kids could now go to school and learn how to read and write. He improved the literacy rate from 2% to 98% which is a great improvement for a poor country. What he did was very wonderful and these laws should be in all countries to make sure children can go to school and learn. Many people admire Fidel Castro for making Cuba a wealthier, cleaner, and safer place.


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