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Noah Webster

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Noah Webster the boy who loved to read

Noah was born oct. 16 of 1758. His family lived I. West Hartford Connecticut .

His mother was a homemaker and his father was a farmer and a weaver.

Noah had sibblings 2 sisters and 2 brother! Noah was very excited are the age of 5

When he got to start school! He was hoping to be able to read the first day,

But they did not teach that! As Noah got older he loved to read the Bible!

He would rather read than play with any friends! He would stay up late just to read!

Noah's family didn't have a lot, but his parents sacrificed so that he could go

To college! Most kids didn't even finish school back then, but Noah started college at he age of 15!

He went to Yale university ! At college he was roommates with Oliver Wolcott! He also became very good friends

Joel Barlow. He wanted to help in the war! His brother Abram joined the army after his wife passed away during childbirth!

Noah's family was very excited when the Declaration of Independence was signed! His third year of college, all the students were sent home early because of a food shortage. After Noah returned home he became very ill with small pox! It tom several weeks before he felt better! In September of 1778 at the age of 24 Noah graduated from college! He decided after much prayer and fasting that he would become a teacher for now! He studied hard while teaching to further is law career!


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