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NOVEMBER 26,2015

                                                                                                                                              ASSIGNMENT #4 - POLTERGEISTS

The world is full of obvious things, out of which we are familiar with just human beings and animals. Only a minor percentage of human beings would be familiar about the other beings that we share the world with. I am going to write about those supernatural beings that are focussed by most of the horror movies these days, Poltergeists. Poltergeist is basically a german word meaning “a ghost or a supernatural entity usually responsible for physical disturbances’’. There are different kinds of supernatural beings that use different ways for communicating with the living. Poltergeists normally start proving their presence by creating physical disturbances such as loud noises, objects being displaced, sudden knocking and banging. This is the first sign of a paranormal existence. These intelligent spiritual beings are the most feared because once they get violent, they can even kill people. These are the spirits that are said to harass and torment their victims. These shadows can also target a particular individual from an entire group and that individual can become an agent and assist the ghost. Adolescent girls are mostly the epicentre of these beings that can be troubled emotionally. The old people between 50-70 are the ones that have the least chances to be targeted by the poltergeists. Once a target is selected, ghosts start using them to create a sense of haunt in other people residing in the home. There are different stages that people have to go through while they encounter a poltergeist :

  • This is the very first stage where people are not at all aware that they are experiencing something paranormal at their place.
  • The activity is minimal and sometimes not even observed by people and even if they observe them, they don’t take it seriously.
  •  If there is a pet in the residence, it will sense the abnormal thing and start acting very strange.
  •  This happens because animals have the ability to sense paranormal and they are more in tune to such activities than humans.
  •  For example- A dog might stare at something that humans can’t see,  he might growl and bark at a spot when nothing is there. Another sign is the sudden dropping of temperature in a particular region of a house without any reason.



  • The passive stage is followed by the detectable stage in which people become aware that there house is haunted.
  • The ghost tries to draw people’s attention to it and if people continue to ignore it, the case might get worse.
  • At this point, cold spots will start getting increased. One room might become very cold and the next one might not.
  • The furniture and walls might show some unexplained cuts or scratches that nobody saw before at the same spot.
  • These scratches on walls can also be followed by scratches on skin on people in the house. This is where things start getting horrifying.


  • This is the phase where presence of a poltergeist becomes way more obvious.
  • It becomes impossible to ignore it because once a person is aware what he is experiencing, the poltergeist knows how to draw his attention and control him.
  • Electronic devices such as Televisions or Electrical Lamps might turn on and off with a pattern even when they are in good condition and not touched by anyone.
  • Doors that were locked can also open and close as if somebody is controlling them.
  • Sometimes, people may also feel hands touching them that can’t be seen. Once a person starts getting scared, the ghost’s energy begins to grow.
  • By this stage, people are usually convinced to seek help from a religious figure or an investigation team.


  • By this time, the ghost knows his target in the residence.
  • Usually, the main epicentre(target) are the teenagers and adults.
  • Teenagers and adults might be harmed or haunted more as compared to the younger ones.
  • Objects may fly from one place to another at a great speed and sometimes they might be thrown in face of the target.
  • Thos implies that the poltergeist is trying to challenge their target. Its always best to stay calm and not start getting angry otherwise it can be dangerous for the person as it may kill him.
  • Only a religious figure or an expert investigation team should treat such an entity as they know more about how to deal with such things.


  •          •        It is very important to stop a ghost from reaching this stage because now, the safety of everyone in the house is in serious jeopardy.
  • It is proved by this stage that the ghost is not playing around and has the potential power to injure someone badly or even kill someone.
  • When a shadow tries to hurt a person by throwing something, suppose its a book, the weight of the book can increase and cause a serious harm to the person.
  • Even leaving a house at this stage would not do anything good because that entity has already gained  the potential to follow those people to any place wherever they shift. So, leaving the place can be another very bad decision for those people that can even lead them to death.


   Its obvious for a person to be scared but at the same time, it is required for to remain emotionally stable to tackle the problems faced due to the bad actions of the entity. Such bad activities promoting evilness in the residence can open certain portals in the land for other bad entities to enter the house. So, it is very important to start taking this matter seriously before it turns into a life risking danger. Some people might be fooled by the fact that evil things disappear if they are not paid attention to. But this is just a myth. If a ghost tries to prove its presence, it means that there is something that he is trying to draw someone’s attention to. Ignoring any such activity can actually turn to be the most dangerous mistake as when these happenings take place on a smaller scale, it is easier to tackle them but if we keep on ignoring such activities, they can result in loss of life even. There can be different ways of coming out from such a situation. I am going to discuss two main and most effective ways of saving a poltergeist from spreading negative energy in the house :


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