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Management Review

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1. Managers, in today's work environment, rely less on...... and more on......

Command and control; coordination and communication

2. One of the important ideas in the text's definition of management is........

The management functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

3. The degree to which an organization achieves a stated goal refers to.....


4. Organizations often lose good employees because front-line managers fail to.....

Show respect

5. Critical management missteps include:

All of these

6. A manager in for-profit business focuses primarily on......, while a manager of a non-profit focuses on....

The bottom-line, social impact

7. Today's best managers embrace ambiguity and create organizations that are all of these EXCEPT...

Command-and-control directed

8. a(n).... Perspective provides a broader way of thinking, a way of searching for patterns and determining whether they recur across time periods.


9. Which of these forces pertain to the availability, production, and distribution of resources in a society?


10. ........ is the most current management perspective.

The technology-drive workplace

11. Which of these is a subfield of the classical management perspective that emphasized scientifically determined changes in management practices as the solution to improving labor productivity?

The scientific management movement

12. Which of these is a major criticism of scientific management?

It ignored the social context of work.

13. the ...... emphasized the importance of understanding human behaviors, needs, and attitudes in the workplace as well as social interactions and group processes.

Humanistic perspective

14. The human resources perspective of management links motivation theories with.........

Employee tasks

15. Beht Brant, production supervisor at Trustworthy Tools Mfg, Inc. believes that her employees dislike work, avoid responsibility, and therefore they need to be controlled and directed.


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