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Opinion on the Abolition of Public Examination

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Opinion On the Abolition of Public Examination

In most country, students are required to sit for public examinations after secondary education. In Malaysia, students sit for public examinations, the UPSR, PMR and SPM. I think publics examinations are good for the students. So, they should not be abolished.

In fact, I have to say that public examinations are necessary. School play many roles in educating and producing well-adjusted young people who can contribute to our labour market. The nation needs qualified people to work in different fields. Otherwise, the nation cannot progress. Preparing students to sit for public exams are one of these roles.

Exams, including school and public, is a good way of assessing students' level and ability. The examination results show whether the students are good or weak academically. If they are weak, teachers and parents can help the students in the subjects they are weak in. Moreover, academically weak students can pay more attention to non-academically areas such as sports, musics and arts. They can towards a career in these disciplines.

Moreover, exams show what subjects the students are better at. In Malaysia, after PMR results are out, schools put students in the Science or Commerce or Arts stream based on the results. However, if exams are abolished, there is no way to find out the students' inclinations. Schools are in the dark on how to stream the students in Form Four. So, exams enable schools to find out the students' strengths and weakness.

When preparing for examinations, students are forced to revise their lessons. Of course, the lazy one do not. It is shown in their examination result. In the past, if they failed, they have to repeat for another year. This is good for them for will study harder for the second time.

Based on the performance in exams, students are awarded a certificate. This is a good of showing the students' academic performance. The certificate are useful to the interviewers who are recruiting new employees. It helps them in the selection of people as staff in their companies.

On the other hand, the abolition of public examinations might lead to adverse results. For one, many students will not do their homework or study their lesson notes. They feel there is no need to since they do not have to sit for any public examinations. As for the teachers, they will not work hard to finish the syllabus for the public examinations. It is a case of no one winning. With so many benefits of public examinations, I am all out of them.


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