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Persuasive Essay - Lake Fujilicious Becomes Not So Delicious

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Lake Fujilicious Becomes not so Delicious

Lake Fujilicious used to be a place to gather together and watch the swans swim by in groups of four. The scenery was captivating with the ever blue sky matching the equally blue water. Many people have proclaimed that it resembled a portrait in a gallery. It was a nice place to go after a long day of hard work to clear your. Now it has been turned into a polluted body of water, degraded from its natural beauty; it has been turned into a garbage dump from all the waste deposited by factories. The accumulated waste in Lake Fujilicious has affected its natural inhabitants as well as its appearance considerably.

The pollution process initiated approximately three hundred and sixty five days ago, around the time when the first official "Huggies" diaper factory nearby began its operations. As a method of discarding their waste, they would dump it directly into the lake. The factory produces a large amount of waste on a daily basis, and the accumulation of waste being dumped into Lake Fujilicious has severely polluted its waters. As a consequence of their actions, many other factories nearby have become accustomed to this behaviour and even adapted this method of waste elimination. Due to the excess waste, species living within the lake have been affected dramatically, altering their normal life style.

The lake contained a variety of species, including fishes, algae, amphibians, and many more. The lives of these organisms have been corrupted by the distribution of waste into their habitat. Due to water pollution, fishes and other species inhaling water from the lake have become contaminated and have taken considerable damage to their health. Furthermore, sunlight does not penetrate the water as deep due to layers of waste on the surface of the water, resulting in a temperature decrease in the bottom of the lake and a net loss of photosynthesis in algae and other aquatic plants. The environment plays a crucial role in sustaining the lives of all these species; as the environment becomes more and more polluted its appearance changes for the worse.

Over time, Lake Fujilicious has transformed from a beautiful lake to an unappealing body of water. As a place where people used to turn to for relaxation, it has become a desolate environment of waste where hardly anyone visits. If one were to go to the lake they would notice that there is a large amount of waste within the water, so much that the color of the water is no longer blue it is now dark brown. Many people have reported that there have been plenty dead fish floating on the surface of the lake. Therefore, as a result of pollution the appearance of Lake Fujilicious has turned into an environmental disaster.

All in all, pollution from factories has become a large problem for Lake Fujilicious. Firstly, the "Huggies" factories have been thronging there excess waste into


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