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        Should a person who is terminally ill, who believes that their painful life is not worth living due to unbearable pain and lost of self-respect, and keeps on asking help for suicide. Should they be assisted with suicide (euthanasia)? I probably think so. Euthanasia is a medical procedure, which speeds up the process of death for people with incurable, unbearable pain, or stressing diseases. In my opinion, euthanasia should be legalized everywhere and must be promoted. There’s a significant advantage in practicing euthanasia. Euthanasia is moral; it stops suffering of a patient and his/ her family, and adds less to costs.


        For something to be immoral, it needs to violate moral law or not conforming to accepted standards of morality.  Argument of anti-euthanasia supported that euthanasia is immoral because life needs to be preserved or protected.  Talking about preservation, the preservation of life is however subject to the self-determined choice of a person. No laws are broken when a person chooses his/her decision the moral is there. But when someone else chooses the decision that is indeed an infringement. I see euthanasia as a good intention; no person has the rights to demand of another person to live a life full of suffering. People shouldn’t think euthanasia is inhumane, it a person’s choice to live a

Suffering or to let go of it.

        Suffering can come in very different ways. But the suffering I’m talking about here is unbearable pain, incurable diseases, etc. these suffering makes the patient In need to make a decision, live a slow dying painful life or do euthanasia aka assisted suicide. For example, you’ve reached stage 4 of lung cancers and the cancer cells have spread all over your body. Once a day you have really hard time breathing and all you can do is just lay on the bed with doctors giving you treatments every day.  And chances of surviving are 80-20, 80 being the chance of dying. So do you want to suffer through your life and eventually die or just have assisted suicide? This might also affect your family. Your condition is unstable and very inconsistent this makes your family worries more. I wouldn’t want to suffer my whole life like that to be honest. I would request euthanasia, and my family would probably know it’s the best option for a condition like that.

        Some people think that only God decides who dies and who doesn’t. That is in fact true, god must decide on who should pass on and doctors are only human, they said. But is god that evil, letting someone suffer from an unbearable pain, incurable disease, if a patient can't take it any longer and has a huge faith in god. What would he do?

        Curing an incurable disease probably costs a lot of the treatment. In my opinion giving treatments to those who are suffering and in the end paying the hospital is not really humane way, but that is how the world works today. Giving treatments everyday to those who is dying costs a lot of money. Letting a dying person's breath may add a lot to costs. Especially when a family is desperate for keeping a relatively alive they might try everything, for he/she to live, but you may need to look at the situation first. If a patient is probably dying and the doctors can't help anymore, better go with euthanasia.


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