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My Mamaw, My Hero

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My Mamaw is a strong, powerful, and independent woman who has overcome personal tragedies with compassions that surpasses anything I know. She has raised her children, and also her grandchildren to be strong and confident just as she is, being honest as well.  She would be the best person out there. I have always looked up to my Mamaw in many ways. She is such a beautiful person. She is my personal hero.

        My Mamaw was faced with many challenges, but this one being one of the hardest. On November 11th 1998 when my uncle, her only son collapsed due to an aneurysm. She was devastated. She was faced with making a decision on keeping him on life support and him living as a vegetable or pulling the life support. She grieved, but she didn’t want other families to feel as she did so she made the decision to donate her sons organs, and giving others the gift of life. She raised her children, and taught them so much including myself.

       With having so many challenges in my life I know that I can go to her for anything at anytime. My grandmother and I have a strong connection. She has always been my saving grace. If you want to know how to be a good person, my grandmother would be the best solution to go to.

           I once remember when my grandmother took me on a cruise when I was six years old, she ensured that I had a wonderful time. I have many pictures to reflect back on those memories, though my favorite one from the cruise is her paying one of the Jamaicans to give me corn rolls with lots of beads in my hair. Throughout my childhood she always amazed me how she would go above and beyond to ensure I had what I needed and most of the time what I wanted. One time we went to JcPenny and they had two of the coolest outfits both was jeans with a blue jean vest one had patch work on it and the other had crochet art. My heart was kind of broke when we left the store empty handed two days later she came in and had made the outfits and they was ten times better than the ones at Jcpenny.

 I can remember when she used to bring me to church and we sang church songs. She gave me such comfort in my heart, she always made me feel like a someone. She never let me down in any way, my spirit was so lifted when I thought about her when I was upset.

         Everyday my Mamaw amazes me in many ways, she has taught me almost everything I know, including who I am today. I hope everyone can find the light and the quality in someone as I do my Mamaw. I have such great times with her, even in the bad times I find the good. I appreciate her a lot, and everything she has done for me. I’ll never forget how great she is. She is holding a special place in my heart, and will hold my hand through it all.


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