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Why It Is Important to Have a Strong Military

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Why is it Important to Have a Strong Military?

By: Mike

I believe that a strong military makes for a strong country. First and foremost the military's job is to defend the country and the people in it. The military defends the country by neutralizing threats and managing risks. It protects and defends our culture, our lands, and our way of life, while ensuring our lives are spent in harmony and peace of mind. If we did not have a strong military to defend us we might lose all of these things. An example of this type of disaster would be the country of France, which at the start of the Second World War, did not have a strong military force as well as qualified battle strategists (Maginot Line). As a result, France was quickly conquered and the German's took control of their society.

A military's influence goes beyond that of pure defense. Peace and security allows a nation to focus on other things such as innovation and invention. Many of the inventions and technologies we have now came from the military, such as: the jeep, the helicopter, GPS, the microwave, and even the internet. If the military can make the internet who knows what other great contributions the military can make to our future.

Three important qualities of a United States military office are integrity, courage, and loyalty. The officer should be a leader among his fellow men and set a great example. The qualities that the officer has should be evident in all spheres of life in and outside of the military.

Integrity is the most important quality of a leader. Integrity is doing the right thing all the time even when people are not looking. Demonstrating high moral standards and principles is where character begins.

Courage is defined as being bold spirited, brave, and having a warrior mentality. It means having the guts to persevere when others retreat. Courage allows a leader the tenacity to stay the course. An officer with courage has the resolve to face doubt and fear with integrity against overwhelming odds.

Loyalty means being faithful and constant in devotion to an organization, entity, or ideology. I believe it is the emotional bond that ties people together allowing them to achieve a greater good. A leader demonstrates loyalty and earns loyalty.

I strongly believe in these three qualities of a leader. I am doing my best to demonstrate them every day.


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