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My Position on the Middle East

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Trenton Wargo


My Position on the Middle East

        The US has found itself in the middle of a crisis in the middle east we have made an irreversible impact that has negatively impacted the local leadership in the area as well as the opinion of the local populous. I feel that we have hurt our position in the middle east so bad that we should take up a relatively isolationist stance in regards to all nation in that area. I feel that any hope to stabilize the those nation is a lost cause due to numerous reason. First historically the middle east has always been relatively unstable since the 12th century and if there was any kind of stability it was only due to the usually harsh rule of some dictator. The Ottoman empire maintained some variety of stability but after their fall the middle east has been a free for all for control between a wide range of unsavory figures. So on that point the current goal of us forces in the middle east is to form democratic governments to maintain stability. Can[a] it happen in the middle east? No it can not. Next the middle east is united behind the religion of is islam. Islam is a peculiar religion in that it is very openly unaccepting as all Abrahamic religions were early on. But what separates it from other religions is they all some variety of reformation islam. The Quran is the the final say in how Muslims live their lives and attempt to change that is heresy and you’ll have your head chopped off. Many things in the Quaran are directly opposite that of ideals of western democracies. That is another reason I feel the current goals of us forces will never be achieved in the middle east. But the last reason I feel that we  should remove ourselves physically and to some degree politically from the middle east is that we haven’t has an incredible amount of support from our allies around the world and now that they are beginning to feel the effects of terrorism they are taking action. I think it is time for them to take the reins and fight terrorism and[b] they will do it if we take inaction they will do it.

        So I believe we have done all we can do in the middle east for the time being and until the situation changes and becomes more favorable we should end our actions in the middle east. For to stabilize and bring peace to the middle east would be a noble goal for the world[c], but stability and peace have always been one of the greatest challenges faced by the middle east. 


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