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A Social Worker's Account

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I come from a culture where social issues are one of the paramount issues and social work is a regular pursuant. Various NGOs, forums, support groups and individuals are working to address and solve such issues. So, such practice of my surrounding has inspired me to take up its causes. And, I started participating in age-appropriate voluntary social work in my early life such as social dramas, fund raising campaign and blood donation. Being a Business Graduate student, I always took up the report writing which conveyed social message. I wrote on the Neglected post-men & postal industry and Economic potentials of Indigenous people of Chittagong Hill Tracts and raised voice against social, cultural & ethnic discrimination.

I followed my passion and joined an NGO (Non-Profit-Organization) named ANGIKAR BANGLADESH over glossy corporate offers. ANGIKAR BANGLADESH essentially works for the protection and promotion of women human rights; runs both literacy and income generating programs for disadvantaged and victim women. It also provides them with temporary and long-term accommodation on requirement along with short-term psychological counselling and medical facilities in association with relevant organizations..

I was already a volunteer teacher to street children while in the University. Then I joined ANGIKAr team permanently as a program co-ordinating and donor liaison officer. With sheer patience and motivation, I was able to raise survivors' engagement into the programs successfully. I was also responsible for liaising with donors for our organization. My Business degree which comprised regular report-writing, presentation & speech helped me immensely to fulfil such a role. Besides, as an empathizer and a sympathized listener, I can assimilate myself into any setting and situation. These attributions enriched my findings and reports with much crucial and confidential information on victims which were very important for my career and NGO's further activities & sponsorships.

Gradually, I was assigned more important roles. Being a survivors' confident and trusted person I was assigned to counsel their short-time psychological issues or internal conflict. I got engaged in victims' social re-integration programs such as job placement, suitable matrimony, high school education and foster home. My hard-work and dedication brought out success in every assigned role. And, I won Director's confidence and achieved a bigger platform to explore.

I facilitated many meetings & workshops and participated in many local & overseas training. I also introduced more suitable programs such as basic computer and telephone-mannerism course, culinary and catering course and small business skills. As an AGAMI employee, we were required to be updated and trained in the latest approach to curb social issues. We implemented "Restorative Justice" to solve internal conflict with success



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