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Butter in a Can Final Paper - America's Choice for Butter

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Essay Preview: Butter in a Can Final Paper - America's Choice for Butter

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Butter in a Can

"America's Choice For Butter"

Marketing Plan

June 1, 2011

Butter in a can aims to provide consumers with alternative, more sophisticated butter options at reasonable prices in North America. This business plan seeks to identify key opportunities to allow our product to gain market share, increase sales, and return profits from the sale and distribution of our products. The current market is highly competitive and will be difficult to maintain success in this market place without supplying innovative products and service such as our organization is providing. The main objective of our product, Butter In A Can is to be a resourceful means of applying butter to what we do now in a cleaner less mess creating, more sterile manner.

The mission of our organization is to provide a product that is superior to our competitors while maintaining our commitment to our customers which is to provide them with an extraordinary experience using our product. The objective of our company is to supply our product into the homes of as many consumers as possible, to replace other butter products that consumers currently are using. In order to reach our objectives we need to focus on our marketing strategy as an organization. This strategy focuses on our target market which focuses on adult women ages 22-50. The reason for such a wide range of age in our target market is because there is such a wide range of cooking adults, as well as most women still does the grocery shopping for homes which is where we need to win the battle to get out product into the consumers home. First as an organization we need to focus on price in our marketing strategy. The average price of butter is around $2.10 per pound. With that in mind, in order for our product to sell initially since it's something new to consumers we need to sell our product for cheaper than our competitors to get our foot in the markets door. Therefore, our price of Butter In a Can will be $1.69 per pound, which will give our product the ability to reach the homes of the consumers we are targeting and steal market share away from our competitors such as Breakstone's, Country Crock, Land of Lakes, Challenge Butter, Parkay, Move over Butter, Horizon, Promise, and many other companies. We could also run a promotion on the product launch where a customer could buy 2 cans of butter and get 1 free. This would be effective because the life span on a can of butter before it expires is close to a year. Therefore consumers would not have to worry about buying more than they could use in a year. The place that we will offer our product is in North America, primarily in the United States, but also forms distribution channels in Canada and Mexico. The product will be sold in key grocery stores such as Wal-Mart, Kroger, BI-LO, and Publix just to name a few. The key to success is using the information just covered from the marketing mix to deliver our product from warehouse, to the stores that will carry out the sales of our product. One consideration that we will need to make as an organization is to buy up front shelf space for promotion from the stores. This will help to give our product visibility to consumers which will be especially imperative at its initial launch. We also have a great resource in the fact that our company is based in South Carolina. This gives us two great advantages, one is that the state is a right to work state, meaning there is no formation of unions and we can have an open door policy with employees. The other advantage that we have as an organization is our access to distribution channels here in the state. With great connections across the nation, this will allow us to easily supply our product to distributors and into stores across the country and into Canada and Mexico as well. We also have the strength that this is the only product we are specializing in while many of the other competitors in the market mass produce many different products in the



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