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Changes Seen Within Christopher Boone's Character

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Essay Preview: Changes Seen Within Christopher Boone's Character

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Changes seen within Christopher Boone's Character

The novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon shows us changes that occurs contained by the main character Christopher Boone. Christopher is a fifteen year old boy suffers seeing the world as most people do due his Asperger's syndrome. He shows us that even with his disability he taught himself to cope and interrelate with the world as his disability allows him to. Christopher shows us changes in his character as the novel progresses. He changes within the boundaries of his own disability. Not only did he change within his own boundaries, with finding out father lied and mother was still alive, he coped with beings able to deal with the situation. Most of all Christopher transformed from being scared of the real world to exploring the world on his own. Christopher shows us not only can he see the world through the eyes of his disability, but he copes and changes to situations when faced with challenges.

Christopher changes within the boundaries of his own disabilities. At first in the novel we see Christopher react only in way his disability allows him to. Christopher goes through a transformation from the knowing how people react and understand his disabilities, to moving and traveling in the outside world where people don't understand. He has to learn to control most his behavioral problems his disability brings to him. After telling the reader his behavioral problems Christopher says, "Sometimes these things would make Mother and Father really angry and they would shout at me or they would shout at each other" (47). With having the disability Christopher needs to learn how people react to his lifestyle. Christopher is comfortable with how his own parents act. If he wants to complete the journey to find his mother moving into the outside world Christopher is going to have to learn how people will react in the outside world. Where he doesn't have much experience to how others act he's going to have to learn to muddle through the day. In contrast the innocent where Christopher faces the police officer,

"The policeman said, "I am going to ask you once again..." I rolled onto the lawn and pressed my forehead to the ground again and made the noise that father calls groaning. I make this noise when there is too much information coming into my head from the outside world" (7).

When Christopher is in the "real world" people don't understand his disability and how he acts, so people don't know how to react. The police officer thinks Christopher is joking around and making a joke about the situation. As Christopher goes on his journey he learns to control his angry more then he would at home toward other people. Groaning for Christopher is a way to make him feel more comfortable in a situation with people he doesn't know. From the beginning to the end of the novel Christopher finds a way to change from the way to was acting, to learning how other people want him to react.

Christopher has gone through his life thinking that his mother was not alive, when he finds the letter that mother had wrote him, he finds out not only his mother is still alive but his father has betrayed him. He copes to finding out his father lied and his mother was still alive. Christopher changes his personality toward father when he found out father had lied to him because he doesn't like lying. When he found



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