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China's Birth Policy and Infanticide

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Essay Preview: China's Birth Policy and Infanticide

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China's Birth Policy and Infanticide

A fascinating country boarding the East Asian China Sea a huge country name the Chinese Republic has now over than one billion people. China has stood as a leading civilization for centuries, overtaking the rest of the world in arts, sciences, and other different fields. On the other hand, over the last century its economy has declined. In the 19th and 20th century China has been plagued with serious problems, which resulted from huge numbers of population. China's population has been increased rapidly until it reached its double while under the leadership of Mao, who believed that a strong nation must have a large population. In and around the 1980s there were one out of ten people in the world that were Chinese. The extreme lack of natural resources and low standards of living was a result of the massive amount of people living in a single country. In order for china to continue achieve any progress to be an advanced country was to control the population growth. The Chinese government realized that something had to be done. In 1979, the government released a nationwide family planning program called the "One, couple, one child." The introduction of the one child policy represents an extraordinary attempt to engineer national wealth, power, and global standing by reducing the population growth by limiting a Chinese couple to bearing one child (Greenhalgh 163). Not only that the one child policy was created to help the country prosper, but it also introduced infanticide immediately after the birth policy was introduced and other social and political problems such as gender inequality. How would you fee to have killed your own child? It would be immoral for women to destroy the fruit of her womb, and thus considered as a serious violation for the human rights not only in China but also the rest of the whole world.



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