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Don't Forget About Me

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Essay Preview: Don't Forget About Me

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Should I be feeling guilty, was there something I didn't do?

Did I not do enough to show all the love I had inside for you?

If you could say three words to me, would they be the one I'd want to hear?

When I knock on heavens' door for you will you push me away or hold me near?

There's a million questions that I have inside,

And a million more that keep coming to mind,

Like where are you now and are you free from all your pain?

If someone asked you about me would you even remember my name?

I hope I've never left you disappointed or ever let you down,

That all you've done is smile for me and upon me you've never frowned,

I want you to be proud of me, in the many years how far I've come,

From the smallest to the biggest things that I have ever done.

Even though you left me here without a mum so young,

I'd never say your name in vain, disrespect you or do you wrong.

So all the questions I have inside, I guess they'll grow to more,

Just promise me you'll be there the day I knock on heaven's door.

I wasn't ready to let you go.

Even though I'm told that it was your time.

I can't get that through my mind.

I wasn't ready to let you go.

It wasn't meant to be that way.

Why did we go out that dreadful day.

It wasn't meant to be that way.

The scene of the crash plays

time and time again through my brain,

as I cry in agony over the pain.

I reach out and take you by the hand

and ask Mom Are you okay?

You answer I don't think so and slip away.

No I scream,

this cannot be.

This cannot be happening I cry,

I beg you to stay.

This cannot be happening this way.



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