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How Did the Woman's Movement Affect Our Society Today?

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Essay Preview: How Did the Woman's Movement Affect Our Society Today?

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Essential question: How did the Woman's Movement affect our society today?

During the 1960's America waved a new Feminist Movement called the "Women's Liberation", the movement argued whether or not woman were suffering both personal and political oppression in a male-controlling society. In the year of 1965, white woman at the University of Chicago organized one of the first campus groups too focus on this feminism issue; they created the group to inform and too raise women's consciousness at the time. The group was called the CWLU (Chicago Women's Liberation Union); the association became so big that it actually inspired black women at the time to create their own group; at the time this was a really big deal! You have to remember that it was a time where blacks still were considered lower class compared to the white race. So the fact that black women decide to stand up to the "Man" is an even bigger accomplishment.

Socially during this time, women had strict expectations in the society; expectations such as becoming the perfect house wife. Being the perfect house wife would expect you to cater to your family and even more importantly your husbands. The "man" would expect you too keep the house perfectly clean, children should be in bed, and dinner should be all ready for him by the time he got home from work. It started to get to the point where woman decided that they were getting sick of being the typical stay at home mom; they wanted to get out in the work force! They were bored and sick of all the high expectations; which I completely understand.

Some New technology at the time would've been the "pill" also known as birth control. This changed everything, woman decided now that they have the choice to stay protected the role of being that "perfect" housewife, became less and less important for them, Television and Radios played a huge role in letting people know what was going on with the woman's movement.

Economic equality was also a huge goal for the women movements at the time; woman who were working were not getting paid nearly as much as the men. Even today we have this problem, although it isn't even close to being as bad as it was; but it's still an issue! Towards the later 60's and the earlier 70's most women worked in offices, working as a secretary. Not only was the pay for woman cheap, but they also had very stereotypical jobs. Today, I believe that most women need to learn from our past. Most women are very ungrateful, and are constantly complaining. But if we think about it, we really are lucky for what we have and what we get to work for; like people say "It's the little things that count".



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