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Opinion- Woman's Choice, Reply to Quinn

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Essay Preview: Opinion- Woman's Choice, Reply to Quinn

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I agree with you 100% Quinn & with the false narrative of "abortion debate." Unless there has been an in depth discussion regarding the consequences of unprotected sex between the persons involved beforehand, once a male deposits sperm in a woman's body, it's not his anymore & his "right" to whatever happens next is over. Furthermore, a woman can get pregnant once a year but a man can impregnate as many women as he wants, day after day, without regard for the outcome. Again, it is clearly the male's responsibility to stop the pregnancy BEFORE intercourse, not after. Any man who thinks they have a right to make decisions for a woman whom they've carelessly given their sperm to is wrong & way late for exerting control. It's like putting some coin in the donation can but still thinking you're going to get to spend the money...

There is no debate- women have a right to choose what they do with their bodies, the same as men do. It is a human rights violation when men predominately are creating laws that prevent women from making health related choices with their own bodies.

Maybe women should decree that all males should have vasectomies before puberty; if they want a child, they can go through a permitting process (decided by women) if they are qualified to impregnate a woman & raise a child...

I support a woman's right to choose 100%. A man's choice ends when his sperm leaves his body, however it doesn't absolve him of financially supporting the mother & the child either. Every action has a consequence and sperm donors should be held accountable, regardless of what the woman chooses.




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