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Racism in Today's Society

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Essay Preview: Racism in Today's Society

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"Racism in today's society"

Does Racism still exist in America? Political parties and social groups have tried to achieve equality among races in the United States by saying "racism is an issue from the past which should be forgotten." However, racism is a way of thinking and it is very difficult to change the way of thinking. Religious discrimination has been going on for long time. There are evidence of religious hate crimes throughout the history. Many leaders fought for racial discrimination such great names as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., and Jackie Robinson in baseball(Prejudice and racism in America, 2011). They have changed many things for them and their community. Society still have not made a positive change and racial prejudice is still haunting in our society. Racial discrimination still exists in our schools, workplace and religiously.

First of all, Muslim people have been criticized often in American media. The September 9 /11 attack on World Trade Center in New York City has helped to expand it. Terrorists who continue their brutality and harm innocent people. Westerners media think that they have right to blame all those people who share the same religion or culture as terrorists' groups. The present day Arab stereotype parallels the image of Jews in pre-Nazi Germany. Islam is often and after 9/11 Islam is mostly portrayed as an terrorist religion. In Hollywood movies, they show Muslims as terrorists. Since most of the people in America and world watch Hollywood movies they get the wrong insights. Movies such as "The kingdom" and "Traitor" are based on haunting terrorists in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, wrong information about Islam spreads through the entertainment media(Afghancorner, 2009). It influences people across the world and they believe this wrong perspective.

In history of America, racism has risen to the point that laws were created to ensure all groups of people are treated fairly. There are numerous rules implemented to give equal rights between non-minorities and minorities in labor markets. Affirmative Action have been applied to major routes of financial success, including education. However, there are still huge gaps in wealth power between whites and African Americans. Nearly half a century after the Supreme Court ordered racial desegregation; African Americans still bear six to eight times their share of poverty, homelessness, and unemployment. In spite of the fact that integration began over 50 years ago, African Americans remain the prime targets of discrimination. Although slavery was terminated long time ago, their legacies still hunt in our society.

Lastly, From Title VII of The Civil Rights Act, it is unlawful to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of his/her race or color in regard to hiring, termination, promotion, compensation, job training, or any other



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