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The Play I Saw Was Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland

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Essay Preview: The Play I Saw Was Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland

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The play I saw was Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. It was adapted by Carmella Gates and directed by Alicia Hammonds. The performance was held on Friday, April 8th,2011, at the Fruitvale Junior High cafeteria at 6:30 p.m. The theme of the play was that although dreams are nice, home is where you belong. The play was about how mythical people had thought their savior had returned to them to help them get rid of the evil queen. Her name was Alice, but it was all really a dream, and she never left home at all.

One of the actors was Vicky Lusk as Alice. She was very good at pronouncing the words, but needs to speak a lot louder so people can hear her easier. Part of the problem was that there was a big problem with the microphones. Her gestures, as well as her movements, went along perfect with the conversations. Her emotions were great. She had dramatic and long emotions expressing exactly how she felt. This made the play a lot more dramatic.

Another important character was the Mad Hatter played by Taylor Redstone.

The Mad Hatter is a hat maker. She did an outstanding job as the hatter. In my opinion she was the best character in the play by far. She was doing a good job on how the character talks, reacts, and feels. It is exactly how I would picture the character in real life. She was very good when responding and reacting with or to other people. She was also very good to project orally and visually with the audience.

The set was very dry in terms of how the background was. The characters were really the main part of the set. They were in good costumes and had on very good makeup. They were dressed and had makeup on that resembled the actual period of time in probably the late 1800s, that most people would have worn. The lights and music were perfectly in tune with what was going on in the actual play. It made you think that something was really happening in real life and made it really realistic.

The audience was into the play until about half way through. Not many people were very interested in the play after the 1st half. The audience did respond at the right times in the play and dramatically too. The play was ok, but altogether the play really needs to become a lot better in almost everything. The play to me was a 3.5/10. So you can see this play has a lot to work on before Broadway!!!



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