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Tim Hortons' Occupational Health and Safety Policy

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Essay Preview: Tim Hortons' Occupational Health and Safety Policy

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PART 1: OHS POLICY STATEMENT (New Hire Safety Orientations)

Tim Hortons' Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Tim Hortons has the goal and commitment to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all members of the organization. Tim Hortons strive to achieve the highest standard of occupational health and safety in respect of all employees and customers who may be affected by the practices of the company. Tim Hortons recognizes the organization's Safety and Health Program is in compliance with all legislations related to occupational health and safety.

Tim Hortons

Responsibilities of Tim Hortons:

1. Provide new employees with a formal health and safety orientation and training before work begins in the workplace.

2. Prepare all important information needed prior new employees' orientation and training. Specific information includes the following:

a. Contact information and name of the new employees' supervisor

b. Rights and responsibilities listed under the Workers Compensation Act that are dedicated for Tim Hortons and new employees

c. Rules regarding the workplace health and safety

d. Possible hazards that may occur

e. Conditions of working alone

f. Possible workplace violence

g. Protective equipment for personal use

h. Adequate resources for first aid use

i. Emergency procedures

j. New employees' work procedures

3. Attain all training and orientation records.

4. Support new employees by providing additional orientation or training if needed under the following conditions:

a. New employees have difficulties following work procedures safely

b. New employees request for help


Responsibilities of Supervisors:

1. Provide and deliver sufficient trainings and orientations in the safe operation of the workplace.

2. Inspect and ensure hazardous conditions are prevented.

3. Monitor all new employees and give accurate information during trainings and orientations.

4. Correct any unsafe procedures done by the new employees.

5. Immediately



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