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Toys and Children's Development

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Essay Preview: Toys and Children's Development

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Organization Principle

Between 1607 and 1763 the British North American colonies developed experience and the

expectations of self-government in the political like the Mayflower compact, religious dealing

with puritans, economic with the establishment of tobacco and social such as

Indians, aspects of life.

The House of Burgess was the colonist's first step towards self-government,

The Mayflower compact not a constitution but an agreement to go by majority rules.

This compact had come about because of the pilgrims had intended to settle in North Virginia

The decision was made after arrival to instead settle in New England. There was no government

In place at this time so some of the people felt that they had no legal obligation to remain within

the colony and supply their labor.

This compact attempted to temporarily establish that government until a more official one could

be drawn up in England that would give them the right to self-govern themselves

in New England.

The Mayflower compact play a lot in the organization principle it's what really started

Everything for the organization principle especially the self-government part.

Self-government is important for everybody that lives in modern society, what is self- government?

Self- government is a Government of a country by its own people after having been a colony.

Now let's get to religion in these days the people were so religious it didn't even

Sense like the puritans.

Puritans was so caught up in religion that they'll kill people if they thought the

People were sinning I find that ironic because they were actually sinning to by

killing the sinners.

Puritans wanted to reform the Catholic Church and Separatists wanted to separate

from the church.

The puritans also wanted to purify the Anglican church by moving it further.

Puritans was also a big part of the organization principle.

Let's move on to the Economic part of the organization



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