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Uncle Tom's Cabin - Book Review

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Essay Preview: Uncle Tom's Cabin - Book Review

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When choosing which book I wanted to read, "Uncle Tom's Cabin" was my obvious first choice. I knew that it was a classic piece of historical literature dealing with 18th century slavery. Most adults had read the book and said that they really enjoyed it and it stuck out to them. The author, Harriet Beecher Stowe, met Abraham Lincoln after the book had been published. I found out that the first thing he said to her when they met was "So you're the little lady who started the Civil War." This book apparently had an influence over the country's opinion on slavery, so it did contribute some to the start of the civil war. Obviously this book is a very important part of our nation's history.

I think the character in the novel that I most relate to is Emily Shelby. She is a kind-hearted, devout Christian woman. She does not support slavery, but can live with the fact that her husband does. She goes out of her way to help other people, especially her husband's slaves. We both have our values and beliefs, and will go out of our way to express them. She however, cannot do anything about her husband selling Uncle Tom and Harry because of the time period. I feel that if this were the case now, she would have done much more to fight this issue of her husband's slaves, which is what I would do as well.

"Yes, Eliza, it's all misery, misery, misery! My life is bitter as wormwood; the very life is burning out of me. I'm a poor, miserable, forlorn drudge; I shall only drag you down with me, that's all. What's the use of our trying to do anything, trying to know anything, trying to be anything? What's the use of living? I wish I was dead!" This quote is an example of George's misery, bringing him down as a person, trying to avoid bringing his wife down with him. He would rather be dead than divorce Eliza and remarry. I chose this quote because it is a powerful expression of George's true emotions towards his situation. George comes to visit his wife, Eliza, to bring her the terrible news from his master. I already knew that slave marriages were improper, which helps you get a better sense of the situation.

"There, you impudent dog! Now will you learn not to answer back when I speak to you? Take the horse back, and clean him properly, I'll teach you your place." This quote is just simply Henrique yelling at Dodo after he talks to back to him. I chose this quote because it was a good example of some of the abuse that the slaves took from their masters. Henrique says this to Dodo because Dodo neglects his duties to clean the horses, so Henrique beats him with a riding whip. I already knew that slaves were required to do all the work that their masters gave them without any backtalk, or else they would suffer severe physical consequences.

"O, well, certainly, do as you think best. Only I'll make one suggestion: I've



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