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Walmart's World Case Study

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Essay Preview: Walmart's World Case Study

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Organizational Behavior

Group Assignment

WalMart's World Case Study

Ans1) Keeping in mind Walmart's Culture there are many instances where they capture the seven primary characteristics of an organization's culture. The seven Characteristics that they capture are:

1. Provide Recognition

2. Inspiration for the employee

3. Coach their employee

4. Communicate Fully

5. Face up to poor performance

6. Promote Teamwork

7. Listen and involve


1. Mr. Walton called his Workers "Associates" to emphasize that they were his colleagues as well as his employees.

2. In the "Saturday Meeting" that he held, he would openly share the store's information and also ask them for their opinions on matters regarding to sales of their products.

3. The decision making power of implementing their ideas , illustrated the trust that Sam Walton had in his employees( For e.g. The Poker Set Incident)

4. Because of all the walmart managers being a part of the Saturday meetings the corrective actions that were to be done, were made in the stores by that same Saturday afternoon. This shows proper communication and how they would completely involve themselves in the good for the company.

5. Because of their employee's interest in their jobs and in the organization, walmart's distribution network was so fast that they were the first organization to distribute food to the Katrina Hurricane Victims.

6. One aspect of Walmarts culture was its frugality, which endured even through Walmart's tremendous growth and financial success.

7. The 15 minute shift change meeting also helped the managers to go over the store's performance numbers as well as ask their associates whether they have specific ideas that might improve sales.

In view of the above mentioned instances, we think that Mr. Sam Walton was an inspiration for his employees and by keeping his associates involved in the meetings and by giving them some part of the decision making power, by giving them recognition (e.g. The Walmart Greeter which was suggested by one of the employees), and by promoting teamwork in the organization we think the overall culture of the organization was quiet good which led to tremendous growth of the organization.

Ans 2) Based on this case we would characterize Walmarts Culture as Strong. Because each company has a unique culture and its own personality. Each company has its

own folklore that illustrates company values, and its own ways of dealing with

problems, making decisions, doing things. Ingrained in Wal-Mart culture, for

example, is dedication to customer satisfaction, pursuit of low costs and employee empowerment. Walmart's strong culture lies in the respect for the employees and their opinion, in providing the best service to their customers and striving for excellence. As you grow it is important to integrate old employees who understand your

values, concepts, and culture with the newer employees who will learn to

implement them and bring some of their own culture.

Ans 3) To ensure a culture that lasts through growth and change, the upper managers

should take following steps:

* Define the culture and how it is different



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