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Last update: January 1, 2016
  • Journal of Financial Ratio

    Journal of Financial Ratio

    businessCudd, M. & Duggard, R. (2000). Industry distributional characteristics of financial ratios: An acquisition theory application. The Financial Review, 35(1), 105-120. Damitio, J., Deninngton, L. & Schmidgall, .R. (1995). Financial statement analysis. The Bottom Line, 10(6), 10-117. Dorfman, J. (1996). Industrial average high in relation to value gauges, Wall Street Journal, (Eastern Edition), Oct. 15, 18. Edmister, O. (1972). An empirical test of financial ratio analysis for small business failure prediction. Journal of Financial and

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  • Financial Ratios

    Financial Ratios

    Financial Ratios Financial ratios are useful indicators of a firm's performance and financial situation. Most ratios can be calculated from information provided by the financial statements. Financial ratios can be used to analyze trends and to compare the firm's financials to those of other firms. In some cases, ratio analysis can predict future bankruptcy. Financial ratios can be classified according to the information they provide. The following types of ratios frequently are used: * Liquidity

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  • An Examination of Quarterly Financial Ratio Stability: Implications for Financial Decision Making

    An Examination of Quarterly Financial Ratio Stability: Implications for Financial Decision Making

    An examination of quarterly financial ratio stability: Implications for financial decision making This paper assignment is described and explained about financial ratios that can influence financial decision making in the company. Financial ratios also can be calculated quarterly or annually. Actually there are seven dimensions of financial ratios, and there are two purposes in studying them. The first purpose is to assess the dimensional stability which are based on financial ratios that derived from the

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  • Financial Ratio Analysis Report

    Financial Ratio Analysis Report

    Running head: FINANCIAL RATIO ANALYSIS REPORT Financial Ratio Analysis Report University of Phoenix FIN/540 Due: March 5, 2012 According to First Research, "US shipments of personal computers (PCs) account for roughly 20 percent of the worldwide market. Hewlett-Packard (HP), Dell, Apple, and the US-based subsidiaries of Acer and Toshiba are the largest US PC vendors" (First Research, 2011). The PC market is competitive and manufacturers operate on slim margins. Cash flow for the industry is

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  • Common Financial Ratios

    Common Financial Ratios

    Common Financial Ratios Liquidity: Acid Test Ratio = (Cash + Market Sec + Receivables) / Current Liabilities Current ratio = Current Assets / Current Liabilities Asset Management: Day's Receivable = 365/ (Sales / Ending Receivables) Day's Inventory = 365/ (Cost of Sales / Ending Inventory) Day's Payable = 365 / (Purchases / Ending Accounts Payable) 365 / (Cost of Sales + End Inventory-Beg. Inventory) / Ending Accounts Payable Asset Turnover = Sales / Total Assets

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  • Financial Ratio of Jewelry Showrooms

    Financial Ratio of Jewelry Showrooms

    Legend Jewellery Ltd Glory Jewellery Ltd 2,014 2,015 2,014 2,015 Formula (Calculation) a. Working Capital (“WC”) 440,000 335,000 896,000 876,000 = Current Asset - Current Liability Current Asset 671,000 862,000 1,003,000 1,097,000 Current Liability 231,000 527,000 107,000 221,000 b. Current Ratio (“CR”) 2.90 1.64 9.37 4.96 = Current Asset/ Current Liability c. Quick Ratio (“QR”) 0.90 0.53 4.39 3.22 = liquid current assets / current liability Liquid current Assets 209,000 278,000 470,000 711,000 = cash

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  • Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Financial Ratios 2019

    Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Financial Ratios 2019

    Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Financial Ratios 2010 2009 LIQUIDITY Current Ratio 1.34 1.37 Quick Ratio 1.05 1.00 PROFITABILITY Return on Equity 0.18 0.08 Return on Assets 0.15 0.08 Gross Profit Margin 0.31 0.27 Operating Profit Margin 0.13 0.08 Net Profit Margin 0.12 0.07 EFFICIENCY Accounts Receivable Turnover 9.66 7.72 Average Collection Period 37.78 47.28 Inventory Turnover 18.60 15.53 Average Age of Inventory 19.62 23.50 Accounts Payable Turnover 7.32 6.11 Average Payment Period 49.86 59.74 Operating

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  • Ratios and Formulas in Customer Financial Analysis

    Ratios and Formulas in Customer Financial Analysis

    Ratios and Formulas in Customer Financial Analysis Financial statement analysis is a judgmental process. One of the primary objectives is identification of major changes in trends, and relationships and the investigation of the reasons underlying those changes. The judgment process can be improved by experience and the use of analytical tools. Probably the most widely used financial analysis technique is ratio analysis, the analysis of relationships between two or more line items on the financial

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  • An Overview of Corporate Finance and the Financial Environment

    An Overview of Corporate Finance and the Financial Environment

    Chapter 1 An Overview of Corporate Finance and The Financial Environment ANSWERS TO END-OF-CHAPTER QUESTIONS 1-1 a. A proprietorship, or sole proprietorship, is a business owned by one individual. A partnership exists when two or more persons associate to conduct a business. In contrast, a corporation is a legal entity created by a state. The corporation is separate and distinct from its owners and managers. b. In a limited partnership, limited partners' liabilities, investment returns

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  • Financial Analysis on Esprit

    Financial Analysis on Esprit

    1. Executive Summary Esprit is principally engaged in wholesale and retail distribution and licensing of fashion and life-style products designed under its own ESPRIT brand name. The company's 12 product lines are composed of women's, men's and children's wear sold through over 800 directly managed stores and over 14,500 wholesale points-of-sale in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. The company was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange in 1993. In fiscal year of 2010,

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  • Clarkson Lumber Company Financial Analysis

    Clarkson Lumber Company Financial Analysis

    At first glance, Clarkson Lumber appears to be a healthy company. However, despite rapid growth and increasing sales Clarkson Lumber finds itself searching for additional funding to compensate for a shortage in cash to fund its expanding business. Clarkson Lumber is in this situation for a number of reasons. The company's inability to receive payments from customers in a timely manner created a severe impact in the company's cash flows. The age of account receivables

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  • Drivers of Industry Financial Structure

    Drivers of Industry Financial Structure

    Drivers of Industry Financial Structure The process of identification begins by considering the obvious characteristics. For example, you know that a hotel would not have any significant inventory since it is a service activity. I used three major groupings: Service Industries, R&D Investments, and Consumer or Retail Based. Service Industries: Temporary staffing agency, hotel and airline; balance sheets are C, D, I & J. Eliminate J since it has a high R&D component which is

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  • Purinex Case Study - Financial Issues

    Purinex Case Study - Financial Issues

    Introduction: Problems of Purinex The problem facing by Purinex Inc. CFO's Gilad Hapaz is to establish a partnership with a major pharmaceutical company that would enable the company to develop one of its leading compounds into a drug for the treatment of one of the world's most widespread diseases. Purinex Inc is currently facing financial problems. The company did not generate sales or earnings and had only $700,000 of cash in hand. The expenses of

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  • Ratio Analysis

    Ratio Analysis

    A preponderance of evidence suggests that since the late 1800s, ratio analysis has been widely used in the analysis and valuation of published financial data. During much of this time, security analysis firms (e.g., Dun & Bradstreet) have published, and presumably have profited from publishing, listings of annual financial ratio values for various firms and industries. The literature on financial statement analysis, as well as accounting and finance textbooks, emphasizes the use of ratio analysis.

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  • Acc 280 - Financial Analysis

    Acc 280 - Financial Analysis

    Financial Analysis There are two chief competing organizations that produce soft drink beverages in the United States. The first is PepsiCo, Inc. (Pepsi) and the second is The Coco-Cola Company (Coca-Cola). Both companies continually compete globally to be the number one manufacturer and distributor for soft drink beverages. Both companies are instantly recognizable anywhere in the world. They have so systematically inundated the markets internationally that they revel in widespread acknowledgment for their products and

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  • Financial Intermediaries

    Financial Intermediaries

    The term intermediary describes an individual who serves to bring others together. In the financial world, a financial intermediary is a financial institution that borrows from savers and lends to borrowers in need of investment funds. In basic terms, a financial intermediary acts as the middleman between borrowers and savers. Though savers are likely to receive higher returns by eliminating the middleman, there are advantages to financial intermediaries. The following paper will discuss the roles

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  • Examine the Importance of the Context of the Financial Reporting Generally

    Examine the Importance of the Context of the Financial Reporting Generally

    Examine the importance of the context of the Financial Reporting generally and with particular reference to the adoption and application of the International Standards by the European Union, using, as appropriate, at least one of the IAS or IFRS to support your reasoning and support the contentions and assertions that you make. DECLARATION I hereby certify that this material, which I now submit for assessment is entirely my own work and has not been

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  • Current Ratio - Eli Lilly

    Current Ratio - Eli Lilly

    From 2008-2010 Eli Lilly held a fairly consistent amount of current assets at and average of $12.4 billion. Likewise, current liabilities were more stable between 2009-2010 at $6. billion. Looking at the two years preceding 2008, the company held a similar amount of current assets with slightly less in current liabilities. The point to be made is that 2008 is an anomaly and not the trend for this ratio. Further investigation of the increased debt

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  • Financial Crisis - Gfc

    Financial Crisis - Gfc

    ABSTRACT Throughout my study I examined what regulatory reforms have taken place since the global financial crisis and what application problems they faced. This essay will define major issues that were behind the GFC. I will describe factors like the lack of regulations and compliance with in the financial system that fuelled the financial crisis. It has been due to public retaliations that have triggered calls for reform within the financial sectors, to prevent future

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  • Review of the Direct Financial Benefits from Securing the 2011 Rugby World Cup

    Review of the Direct Financial Benefits from Securing the 2011 Rugby World Cup

    The purpose of this report is to evaluate the New Zealand Rugby Union and New Zealand Government's bid to the host the Rugby World Cup in 2011. Two strategies are available to the partnership: * Submit a stand-alone bid, whereby New Zealand hosts all matches of the tournament and bears all associated costs and risks. * Submit a joint bid with Australia, whereby matches are hosted in both countries (with major finals staged exclusively in

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  • Financial Reporting

    Financial Reporting

    * Five key items 1. Two events a. My suggestion is that this event should be disclosed in the notes as contingent liability. This event does not satisfy the definition of liability in Framework. According to the Framework (para 49), a liability is defined as a present obligation arising from past events. Although disputing with customer is a past event, the existence of a present obligation is still unclear. It will be confirmed by the

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  • Analysis of the Financial Health of Royal Bank of Scotland (rbs)

    Analysis of the Financial Health of Royal Bank of Scotland (rbs)

    1. Analysis of the financial health of RBS, plc. 2. Financial Statement analysis of RBS financial statements 2008 - 2010 RBS at the Brink of Disaster: Can this Bank Save Itself? The Royal Bank of Scotland ("RBS," "The Group") was created in 1727 by Royal charter. Since then, the group has grown into a large bank holding corporation, doing business in more than 50 countries, and holding £2.4T in assets. The growth of the group

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  • Financial Analysis of Ferris

    Financial Analysis of Ferris

    Finance: Ferris finished year 8 strong with a stock price of $31.91 and market cap of $85 million. Based on the company's growth in the last 3 years, the price is expected to be at $40 by the end of next year. Retained earnings have and will continue to play a major role in share maximization. Our goal for the immediate future is to avoid issuing new shares to raise cash, in order to prevent

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  • Personal Financial Planning Notes

    Personal Financial Planning Notes

    Chapter 3 - Budget and Savings Net Worth Planning Net worth planning involves: * the calculation of current net worth * setting a net worth goal for next year * developing specific strategies for meeting that goal Main reasons for undertaking net worth planning: 1. Establish financial discipline. 2. Prepare a strategy to achieve a future financial target. 3. Measure financial progress on a regular basis. 4. Develop the confidence to feel financially secure about

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  • Review of Financial Research Report

    Review of Financial Research Report

    Review of Financial Research Report: This assignment is an analysis of a U.S. publicly-traded company; its common stock could be a prospective investment. The report is due in Week 10, in needs to be at least 5 pages, and it needs to cover the following topics: Company Overview. Conduct research and describe the company, its operations, locations, markets, and lines of business. Collect financial statements for the past three years, fiscal or calendar. Ratio analysis.

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