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Purinex Purinex Jarrett Berl

Bryan Olson

Bryant Hicks

Matt Biegner

Matt Cochran (Intern) Company Background Fictional Company

Drug Discovery and Development

Two potential therapeutic compounds

Aimed at treating Sepsis and Diabetes

35 Patents Pending

Gilad Harpaz CFO Sepsis/Diabetes


Severe infection leading to a systemic inflammatory response

Can cause organ dysfunction and death

Leading cause of death in noncoronary ICU patients


285 million people worldwide

"One of the most common causes of death and disability in America"

Bodies ability to process glucose

Impacts eyes, kidneys, nervous system Financing option that provides:

Highest company valuation

Mitigates Financial Risk by

Increasing Short-Term Liquidity

Increasing "credibility value"

Greatest Control Decision Criteria Advantages Wait Six Months 12% Retain 100% Control

Valuation $25m Disadvantages Possible down round scenario

Pre-money valuation $5m The Partnership Profit sharing on future drug sales Costs Up-front funds

R&D funding

Supply production facilities Benefits Immediate Long-Term

Milestone payments


Shared liabilities, resources and financial commitment The Sepsis & Diabetes drug compounds are poised with appropriate applications for partnership deals with “Big Pharma” firms Drug Valuations Discount Rate Sepsis Diabetes Angel Financing

Meets Requirements

Highest valuation

Lower financial risk

Minimal Control Loss Conclusion -$60,000 11 Months No Sales $700,000 Current Financial Position Biotech Financing Trends Cons Pros Immediate Access to Funds

Potential to increase value of the Partnership Significantly lower company valuation



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