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The Death of John Benevolent

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Essay Preview: The Death of John Benevolent

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The death of John Benevolent

It was a normal day for John Benevolent. It started as usually by him waking up around 2 p.m., having a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper. The newspaper was rubbish as usually, news about the problems of the economy in western societies, politicians patronizing the public with their busllsh** and the large multinational corporations hassling the public into buying their "high quality" products! So he threw the paper towards his dog, Bob, and he ripped it apart and ate most of it. Then he walked towards the fridge where he notices the list of "necessities" his wife made for him 3 years ago the day she left him. Then he starts to think about why she left him. When John wakes up from his little daydreaming session he decides to take a bath. He starts to run the bath as notice the dog walking into the bathroom. John looks at him and throws him out of the room when he tries to enter. "Arrogant litle bitch" he thinks to him self and starts to think why the wife didn't take the dog. But when he is in the middle of his second daydreaming session of the day he gets interrupted by the dog again! He is now throwing up the newspaper he ate, so John walks over to him and is just about to kill the damn dog as he notices a column in the dogs barf about poverty in Africa. He picks up the column and starts reading it as he walks towards the bathroom. He is oblivious to the fact that the bath is still running and there is now a huge puddle on the floor. He walks into the room, slips on the puddle on the floor and hits his head on the sink and dies instantly! Poor thing......



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