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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

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Coco Ma

English 202-3

Writing 10

Ms. Athena & Ms. Veronica

Revised First Draft

November 9, 2016

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

        Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are two of the most eminent entrepreneurs of modern technology. They have changed the world by inventing computers ad the way people look modern technology. There are many similarities and differences between theses two entrepreneurs.

        Jobs and Gates have different family backgrounds. Steve Jobs was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs, while Bill Gates is the son of William. H. Gates ad Mary Maxwell Gates. Moreover, both of them grew up with their sisters.

        The two entrepreneurs have different and similar education experience. In 1973, Gates graduated from Lakeside School and enrolled in Harvard University. However, he dropped out in 1975 later. On the other hand, Jobs graduated from high school and attend Reed College after. Coincidentally, he also dropped out after attending only one semester.

        Both of them pursuing excellence in their products, which helps them got lots of great achievements. Steve Jobs invented the Apple computer, which was one of the earliest personal computers. On the other hand, Bill Gates invented the Microsoft Windows operating system as well as the first mass produced personal computers. Gates declared that you need to know about customer feedback that says things should be better. Their attitude and characteristics towards work are the main reason of their success. However, Jobs only has $5-billion-dollar worth of assets. Gates estimated to have assets over $ 50-billion-dollar!

        Although both Jobs and Gates are the CEO of their companies, they still have totally different leadership style. Gates is a transformational leader. He has many ways to influence his subordinates and also has the ability to attract every audience to pay attention on him. He encourages his followers to investigate their own value and love their jobs.

Both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are extremely talented entrepreneurs and inventers who influence a good number of people. Steve Jobs declared that stay hungry, stay foolish. I believe that both of them are never satisfied with themselves and the products. Instead of complaining, they always push themselves to reach a higher level.


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