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Bill Gates - a Person I Admire

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Essay Preview: Bill Gates - a Person I Admire

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Bill Gates was an American business magnate, author and chairman of Microsoft, a software corporation which he founded with Paul Allen. Financial Times puts him at the top of list not just because his Microsoft helped to revolutionize the use of PCs and made Bill Gates the world's richest man but because he used his wealth to become the world's greatest philanthropist.

He is one of the best-known entrepreneurs of the personal computer revolution. His products are widespread and user-friendly, such as: Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Windows, etc which have helped millions of PC users to do office jobs as well as to manage their businesses everyday. His Microsoft has created grandiose and durable empire in the software industry. Ask folks to pick one word to describe Microsoft's technology roadmap in the 1990s and you will commonly get "CAIRO" in response.

In 2000, he formed Bill & Mellinda Gates Foundation which is dedicated to bringing innovation in health, development and learning to the global community. In 2006, he gradually transferred his duties in Microsoft to his colleagues and has taken full-time work at this foundation. It has an endowment of 33.5 billion from Bill Gates as of December 31, 2009. A huge contribution in charity has taken him to the leader of the world's greatest philanthropist.

Being famous and rich is a dream of many one of us, however, rarely do we think for the others once we have a fulfillment of our dream. It is very difficult to convince someone to donate the majority of their wealth, but Bill Gate is going on different way. He is using his wealth to help unlucky people, to make a better life for global community. That makes him the greatest man ever!



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