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Role and Functions of Law Paper

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Role and Functions of Law Paper

Nicholus Moorehead

July 9 2012


From the Case 2.1 Cipollone vs Liggett Group LLC Cipollone has filled a lawsuit against Liggett for violation of several New Jersey consumers for protection statutes alleging that Liggett and many other cigarette companies has been liable for his mother death. Cipollone thought this because they have engaged in a course of conduct that includes false advertising, and fraudulently misrepresenting of hazards from smoking.

Laws in our society plays an important role because they are put in place to help maintain social control and to protect people of their rights. Law can help resolve disputes and will act like a set of rules that we must abide by. These laws are created in for people in our society so that they know what is not acceptable and what is acceptable in our society. According to S. P. (2011)" Under the federal system used by the United States, the federal government has only limited powers to regulate individuals and businesses." When people do not obey by these laws that have been put in place they will have to pay the consequences for not obeying them by either the court system or your place of business. When this happen people will feel that the justice system works and they have a safer place to live and work. Ever since the beginning of time rules have always been put in place. The rules today are now laws starting from the United States Constitution. These laws have been put in place in justice system and in the business world. Overall the law and the policies that the government helps to aid conduct while handling disputes and dealing with illegal actions. I will be outlining the functions and roles of law in business and will be discussing the functions and roles of the law in my past to present law.

The purpose of business today is to help develop, produce and supply goods and services for many different consumers. According to S. P. (2011)" Both the U.S. Constitution and individual state constitutions contain language that establishes jurisdiction for certain matters to be heard by certain courts." There are many laws put in place to help people in business and society that will help protect the consumer's rights. Most of these laws are outlined in the US Constitutional and are classified as criminal and civil law, Substantive and Procedural Law, and Public and Private Law. Criminal law will be define as the body of law that has to deal with conduct considered harmful to society as a whole that it is prohibited statute prosecuted and will be punished by the government. These types of laws would be dealing with the prosecution for a crime such as a person who has


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