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Functions of Law in the Society

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functionsof law in the society


Laws create order and allow a government to instruct citizens on what is acceptable behavior. These laws provide a clear set of rules for citizens to follow and are known as public laws. Public law includes criminal law, administrative law and constitutional law. Public laws keep the members of society safe by regulating conduct and imposing penalties for malfeasance. Public laws establish agencies to enforce the laws. Private laws, such as contract, real estate and business laws, create order in business.


Society members feel safer when others who do not follow the law are removed from society. Criminal courts promote fairness to all members of society and impose punishment when needed. Businesses impact the courts and society members through the purchase of supplies, employment contracts and provision of the building utilities.

Natural Resources

Laws designate the sale and use of public land based on the best interests of society. Government restricts the hoarding and exploitation of water, land, oil and trees by imposing limitations on business. Businesses convert the use of natural resources into commercial profit by providing electricity to run appliances, water to take showers and lumbar to build homes.


Laws function to promote public safety. The government issues laws to regulate the quality of food, drink and medication while imposing other laws to regulate the mechanical quality of household items and automobiles. Businesses comply with these laws as they control the food that is grown, the transport and packaging of that food, the sale of the food and the method of payment. The public is kept safe from injury and disease through the quality control of products.

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