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Hungry Jack's Market Structure

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There are four sections of this report.

1. Provide a brief situation analysis of the industry background including size, growth and structure, and identify the major competitors and their market shares.

2. Research the marketing macro environment and the forces that shape it in the industry selected. Make sure you focus on the industry in Australia only and consider each macro-environment factor. You will need to examine each macro factor and identify the opportunities and threats it presents to marketers.

3. Once you have an understanding of the marketing factors impacting on the particular industry, you will need to go to analyse the way in which the market has been segmented. Clearly define how and why segmentation has been applied to your selected industry. Provide examples of the different segments and their target markets. In other words develop a profile of the target markets. This section can be completed in table format (note: anything in table format does not contribute to your word count).

4. Take two product items, each from a different product segment that were identified in the previous section and consider ONE of the associated target markets for each item. Identify and explain the marketing strategies employed by manufacturers and retailer to encourage purchase of the two products by the associated marketing mix (basically detail the marketing mix of the two products). To do this effectively, you need to consider the entire marketing mix, compare and contrast how the marketing mix differs for the 2 different products and provide evidence such as in-store photographs, promotional material etc.

Your assignment should provide evidence of significant research and preparation. Marketing texts will provide you wish a good basis for the theory, whilst industry reports, newspapers, magazines and company websites will provide you with specific examples.

This assignment is to be completed as a professional business report. Details of this are in the Unit Outline and further details will be given in class.


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