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Procter & Gamble Case

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Exercise 1

  1.  If Open Innovation has been so successful for Procter & Gamble and others, why is Apple not adopting this model of innovation? Discuss whether you think Apple’s demands for secrecy from its suppliers may have gone too far. If yes why? If No Why?

Yes, I think the apple’s demands for secrecy from its suppliers may have gone too far. We all know the Apple is a very famous company at the electronics industry, especially its system is early than the Windows. In the decades, the Apple’s technology innovation has always been in the industry leading position. So the Apple doesn’t want to use the open innovation is hope its technology is unique. But I think in recent years its technology innovation speed is become slowly than before, the Apple is need to more new ideas for its technology. And the open innovation is good way to let the Apple Company can get some new technology which not affected by its old ideas, such as just make the Iphone’s screen become bigger.

  1.  How can the state encourage entrepreneurs and businesses to invest in longer-time horizons?

The businesses invest the longer-time horizons is with the consumption of huge resources, so the state want to encourage entrepreneurs to do this, they need to let the companies know they do this can get more return. And the state also need to let the innovation technology can get the protection, for example the intellectual property. For the entrepreneurs the most thing is to get the most benefit, so the state protect their benefit and let they know the longer-time horizons can get more benefits they will do this.

  1.   Explain Schumpeter’s view of entrepreneurial behavior and economic growth?

The Schumpeter’s view of entrepreneurial behavior is said the entrepreneurial need have the technical knowledge and can get the funds easily. And the economic growth is because of the technical and technological conditions of the economy, so the innovation activities of entrepreneurs make the technological changes and then make the economic growth.

  1.     What has been the Gore strategy to achieving success in its markets? How is this strategy now being challenged?

This is using the innovation technology and use them to occupy the industry dominate the market and make this technology is unique. So this will make the industry developed. Now this strategy will be challenged by competitors who entering the markets. Maybe these competitors don’t have the same level of the technology but they will use the price, appearance or any other aspects to occupy the market.

  1.    Which elements of the TQM philosophy could you apply to your university or college? What might be the benefits?

The TQM philosophy encourages closer relationships between suppliers and manufacturers and customers. It also indicates that company processes should continually change to meet the needs of the market and the culture at large. So it has some elements can use at university.

  1. Meet the needs and expectations of the students and society.
  2. Develop a right system for teaching students.
  3. Let all the students can get benefit and join the organizations.

If use these elements at university I think will make the students can get more practical technology.


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