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What Method or Methods Are Used to Train Employees in Your Workplace or one You Are Familiar With? Is It Effective? Why or Why Not?

Essay What Method or Methods Are Used to Train Employees in Your Workplace or one You Are Familiar With? Is It Effective? Why or Why Not? and over other 29,000+ free term papers, essays and research papers examples are available on the website!

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What method or methods are used to train employees in your workplace or one you are familiar with? Is it effective? Why or why not?

Trainings help employees enhance their capabilities and acquire new learnings, skills and knowledge. Dessler (2013) opines that trainings help employees come up with unique and innovative ideas, meet targets within the desired time frame and make them efficient resources for the organization. There are numerous training methods used to train employees at my workplace. I work in a retail industry, which experiences a lot of workplace dynamics but the organization has been able to withstand all the tides because it has established robust training techniques for its employees. Some of the training methods used in this organization include induction training, refresher, on the job training, and off the job training.

Induction Training - Induction training is often given to new employees to make them feel a part of the organization. Induction programs help new employees to get acquainted with the work culture and fellow workers (Bocciardi et al, 2017).

Refresher Training - Refresher trainings are designed for existing employees to refresh them and also help them acquire new skills and technologies to keep pace with the changing times. Such training programs prepare employees for more responsible positions.

On the Job Trainings - On the job trainings are given to employees at the workplace itself by their superiors and Bosses. Managers ought to sit with their team members on a regular basis, train them on new technologies, skill sets to help them cope with the changes. On the job trainings are given to employees along with their jobs itself and make them capable to handle bigger responsibilities. The organization provides on the job trainings using methods such as coaching (learning by doing and handling various ongoing projects) and job rotation (employees move from one position to another, hence acquiring new skills and learnings).

Off the job Training - Off the job trainings are given outside the workplace and are provided by the following approaches: Seminars (relevant information, latest developments, new technologies and case studies are discussed on a common platform to acquaint employees with new skill sets), simulation exercise (train the employees in an artificial environment which closely resembles the employee’s actual working conditions) and vestibule trainings( employees practice work on the instrument/equipment which they would be using in future when they would be actually work) (Bocciardi et al, 2017).

These training methods are effective and have led to increased productivity and quality improvement within the organization. I attribute these improvements to the effective training methods because they have always kept the employees engaged in the training and have made them more receptive to new information and the dynamics in


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