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Base Details Analysis

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Poetry Analysis

In his poem Base Details, Siegfried Sassoon uses strong vocabulary to express his feelings about the Majors who were political leaders of a country during World War II. Sassoon's feelings toward the Majors are negative, condemning and satirizing due to the fact that he was a foot soldier who died during the war and has seen with his own eyes how the Majors behave during World War II and saw them as being unfair and arrogant.

The title Base Details alone give someone an idea of what it might be about. Siegfried purposely chooses that as the title because Base is used in the military as a place where soldiers are able to train and prepare for war. It is morally contemptible because Siegfried Sassoon sees the Majors as men who are vile and a disgrace due to their behavior. In World War II, the word Details was a word to describe an assignment in the army, but when Sassoon uses it as a title, it is used to give facts about the Majors.

In line one, Siegfried Sassoon says "If I were fierce, and bald, and short of breath". The first word "if" Sassoon uses to speak conditionally; to sarcastically express the condition of how he would be if he was a Major. He also describes the Majors as aggressive, old and out-of-shape that cannot fight in the war. "I'd live with," gives a sarcastic tone because Sassoon is enraged about the Majors' behavior and actions. "Scarlet Majors at the Base". The word "scarlet" is used as a connotation because it describes the Majors as men that are guilty and have their soldier's blood on their hands, men whose faces are red due to the fact that they are yelling, short tempered and drunk. Line three Siegfried Sassoon says, "And speed glum heroes up the line to death". Sassoon uses the words "speed" to show that the Majors are heartless and don't hesitate to send out their troops to their death. "glum heroes" is used as an oxymoron paradox because heroes are usually supposed to be proud and ready to fight, but during the war they are depressed and unexcited because they know that they are about to die. "up the line to their death" is used to show that the soldiers are being sent to their death and that the Majors don't think of the troops as human beings but as a mechanism of mass destruction.

In line four, Siegfried Sassoon uses "puffy petulant face" to describe the Majors as men who are gusty and irritable about the war. Line five Sassoon says, "Guzzling and gulping in the best hotel reading the Roll of Honor". This excerpt explains that the Majors are not only eating and drinking, but doing so with so much greed and eagerness. It also states that they are spoiled and privileged because they don't settle for a sleazy hotel, but one that is desired and most likely expensive. The Roll of Honor is a list of


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