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Should Companies offer Paternity Leave for Fathers to Be?

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Should Companies Offer Paternity Leave for Fathers to Be

Maternity leave is a common benefit that's offered to mothers who are about to, or have given birth to a child. However, not many companies offer the same benefits to fathers-to-be. As I write research and study this theory, I will propose why fathers should benefit in paternity leave as well.

There are many reasons why fathers should have the same benefits and opportunities with paternity leave as mothers do. Most commonly, it would be a crucial learning and bonding experience for both parent and child. New fathers, as well as mothers, want and should enjoy the first stage of their newborns life. But on many occasions, they are unable to do so, because the company of employment does not offer such benefits to fathers. "I'm a very involved parent," says Eric Fedowitz, a senior manager with KPMG in McLean, Va., who took paternity leave in 2002 for the birth of his second son, Dane, 10 months. "I could change diapers and hold the baby ...it was really positive. I did not think they felt I was less committed." (Armour 2003). Paternity leave would be beneficial to fathers, this way, they can be able to get to know their newborn child, learn their patterns and assist in the responsibilities to care for the child as they grow through the first stage of their life.

Another reason paternity leave is beneficial is to assist the partner. On many occasions, mothers must undergo a cesarean surgery in order to birth her child. Paternity leave for the father would make the recovery process a whole lot easier for the mother. Cesarean surgeries are very painful to recover from, and lifting the child, maneuvering all the responsibilities, and the lack of rest will in turn become a very difficult process to recover from. According to Flockhart (2011), A rarely discussed maternal emotion is the resentment that comes with the difficult parts of childbirth. With the father on paternity leave the responsibilities are shifted towards him while the mother recovers. With this advantage, the bonding of father and child is not only a learning experience but provides a solid nurturing, giving room for a possible solid relationship for the future. It's good for fathers to have this time for bonding with their newborn. According to Karly, Deputy Editor (2011), women produce chemicals that help them bond with their child before birth, therefore, there is a natural connection already established. Fathers that spend time with their child at an early stage, tend to have a better bond. Though newborns may not have this chemical "connection" with their dads (or do they?), they certainly tend to bond with them from the absolute beginning of their lives.

In conclusion, Paternity leave is a crucial and important part of a father's life. It is a very healthy part in nurturing


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