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A Case Study on Vora and Company

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Essay Preview: A Case Study on Vora and Company

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Introduction to the Case:

This case is about Vora and Company, established in December 1963 by M.C. Vora, which manufactures Blossom quick cooking oats. The company was located in Lucknow. The company was suffering with lower sales and losses. This case discuss about various strategies adopted by the company, their strengths and weaknesses and in that way it also discuss about reasons for low sales.

Objective of the case:

The main objective of the case, in general, is to discuss various points which a firm should consider before entering into new market. In terms of Vora and company, the objective is to know whether Blossom should continue in the business or not and to give suggestions on various marketing techniques for increasing the sales of Blossom.

Issues in the case:

* Sales of the product were lower than expected even after taking measures to improve sales.

* The company had suffered considerable losses since the launching of his enterprise.

* Problems were aroused due to insufficient study of market and trends before launching the product

* There were some issues with packaging, distribution and advertising of the product.

External Environment:

In 1994, the government of India stopped the importation of packed cereals which resulted in exit of "Muller and Phipps", the sole seller of packed oats in India. A competitor named Ganesh Flour Milles was already present in the market under the trade mark "Champion".

SWOT Analysis:

1) Strengths:

* Blossom was rated as equal as or better than the competing product by the consumers.

* The company followed required quality standards and used the mark of Indian standards Institution.

* Proper listing of demand in order of quantitative importance by regions

* Product had high nutritive value.

2) Weaknesses:

* The packaging was not satisfactory- It was too flashy, bright and copy of competitor, phrase quick cooking oats was written in small.

* The distributors assigned to sell Blossoms were new to the sale of Food Products



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