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Population and Advocate Role

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Population and Advocate Role

Court advocates or volunteer advocates regularly will dispute or could plead in the approval of moral reason, for instance, a procedure, action of provision. Social services have sponsors who will show support for their clients and offer options for community organizations and financial support. The sections below will show how court or volunteer advocates will assist battered women and help with tasks that she may be struggling with on her own.

Advocacy and the Abused Woman

On behalf of woman who maybe in pain from domestic abuse and mistreatment, a court or volunteer advocate can assist his or her client by locating a haven for the battered woman, along with her child or children she may have to bring with her, to either a haven or a shelter.

Any court or volunteer advocate could equally aid the battered woman to acquire lawful services, along with free legal assistance in the courtroom, help with filling out protection of abuse orders, and lawful assistance with separation along with child support. A court advocate or volunteer advocate can help battered woman acquire legal help, and obtain a protection of abuse.

The advocate will also have information available for the battered woman, together with child treatment to support the child or children through rough and emotional times. As the family grows stronger and therapeutic help is working, the supporter will assist the woman to help her acquire employment and daycare if necessary. The court or volunteer advocate could also provide the family with some sort of vehicle to make sure the family can go to and from where they need to be, such as work, school, or medical appointments.

When the woman is within a haven, an advocate will be with her, and at this time the advocate will assist the client during her stay at the haven as well as when she has left. Many volunteer advocates were once victims themselves, so they know firsthand what these women have been through already. The role of the advocate is to assist the woman and make sure she has help needed once she leaves the haven, as in family support or friends that she and her children may rely on if need be.

The court advocate or volunteer advocate from a victim awareness program will also make sure that the client has all the information for herself, her children, and therapy sessions for the future, along with all important phone numbers she may need in case of an emergency.

I was abused for many years and did not even realize it, until it was almost too late. My ex-husband of 11 years was a drug user (he hid it well from me) and was violent at times. Even though he would only threaten to hit me, he did hit our children when I was not home, and I did not know about it. I see the bruises on my sons for the first time, (besides the ones they might have received form playing outside) and they


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