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The Role of a Sales Associate

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Essay Preview: The Role of a Sales Associate

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The Role of a Sales Associate

General Purpose: To Inform.

Specific Purpose: At the end on speech, the audience will be informed on how the role of a Sales Associate supposed to be.

Central Idea: I'm going to inform everybody about how a Sales Associate supposes to meet the expectations of the customers' needs.


Today I'm going to inform you all about the role of a Sales Associate. I'm going to tell you about the customers' expectations from a Sales Associate and how to make your interactions with the customers effective. By being a Sales Associate at Express; I'm also going to let you know about the role I have to play in order for the customers to have a good experience.

I. Your role as a Sales Associate.

A. Five ways to become a good associate.

1. Begin and end with our customers in mind and recognize that they are the reason we are here and why we continue to grow as a business and brand.

2. Performance matters and strong performance results in measurable achievement.

3. Independent spirit gives you the freedom to bring your best individual thinking to bear on the greater good of the brand.

4. Passion with a purpose guides us to direct our attention and energy to those things that will drive the business and best serve our customer, because they are the reason we are here.

5. Creative collaboration reminds us that how we get results matters as much as the results themselves.

Transition: These are the main reasons for the role of an Sales Associate, and now I'm going to describe the customers expectations.

II. What are the customers' expectations from a Sales Associate?

A. The customers expect Associates to be...

1. Friendly.

2. Greet them upon entering the store.

3. Offer suggestions that meet their shopping needs.

Transition: These are expectations that the customers are looking forward to, and now I'm going to tell you the key points of the customers needs.

III. Three customer's touch points.

A. These three things will play a significant role in delivering a great experience for a customer.

1. Having the merchandise available.

2. The Associate have to be available for assistance.

3. You



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