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Attracting More Gen X Travellers in Luxury Hotel Service Sector

Essay Attracting More Gen X Travellers in Luxury Hotel Service Sector and over other 29,000+ free term papers, essays and research papers examples are available on the website!

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Attracting more GEN X travellers in Luxury Hotel Service Sector

GEN X travellers belongs to the age group 18-34. In this age group we usually see people take chances and measured risk to achieve more and enjoy their hearts out. One of the major hobbies is that most of them travel a lot. Based on their travelling activities, the infographic gives us a clear picture of their preferences with respect to the other age groups (35-49 and 50-69) in different service sectors.

Luxury Hotel Services

 GEN X travellers are the highest in numbers who use the dry cleaning, massage or spa and pet-friendly services. So hotels in their promotions should highlight more on these aspects to attract more customers who are also generally from GEN X.


 GEN X travellers are the most disheartened ones compared to different if they don’t find any public transportation nearby hotels because they mostly take those as compared to other age groups. So new hotels while starting their business should take this as an important point to attract new customers and retain old ones.

Elite Status

 Being in the age group where may be half of them or more are not well settled, GEN X are the ones who would be very much excited which the elite status as compared to other age groups. So travel rewards programs should in directed and planned in such a way that they target GEN X travellers.

Social Connections

 In social connections also, GEN X are the most value generators. They mingle with fellow travellers well, post once in a while every day and seek opinions via social media. So travel booking sites should create social media events and page of their own site to provide the help and an open discussion forum where all the fellow travellers can have their say. Based on their feedbacks, fellow travellers and even new travellers may take the vacation and travel plans offered by them.


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