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Importance of Quality Service in the Hotel Industry

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Essay Preview: Importance of Quality Service in the Hotel Industry

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Nowadays, quality service is trending to be the selling points in the hotel industry instead of physical facilities. Physical facilities and goods are easiler to be similar and indifferent. Due to the heterogeneity of services, services play a more important role to identify and position the hotel. Every sevices are unique. It can help the hotel differentiate from other competitor. Sevice quality is always being emphasized and guaranteed.Quality service provides different benefits to the hotel.

Also, the reputation and word-of-mouth are important for the hotel industry because of the service is intangible. Public is always searching for information from others who had experienced.The sophisticated internet network provides easy ways of communication. Therefore, guests that are satisfied by good service quality will also help to build good image of the hotel and try to recommend the hotel to others. As a result, new guests can be attracted without paid-form promotion.

Quality services help to save costs for rowork, scrap, and warrant.

Quality services are goals of nearly all hotels and companies. In the Hotel Nikko Hongkong that I chose to study in this assignment, quality services are consistently provided to meet guests' expectation.

The four distinctive chararcteristics of services are intangibility, inseparability, heterogeneity and perishability.

In Hotel Nikko Hongkong, business services are provided in the Business Centre in the Nikko Lounge on the fourteenth floor. A complete range of secretarial services as well as fax and internet and e-mail connection are offerd. The secretarial services can be one of the examples showing the intangibility nature of service. The greeting from the staff, check-in and check-out work and communication works with the guests' business partners are not able to be seen, tasted or touched by the guests which means these services provided are intangible. However, these intangible goods attract the guests and make up the key product offering. Furthermore, the acquisition, preparation and serving works of the welcome fruit and daily newspaper are examples of intangible service.



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