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2010 European Sovereign Debt Crisis

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Essay Preview: 2010 European Sovereign Debt Crisis

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3) Overproduction of goods, since workers as a class are never paid enough to buy back, in their role as consumers, the ever growing amount of goods that they produce (in the era of automation, computerization and robotization, the gap between what workers produce--and can produce--and what their low wage allows them to consume has increased enormously);

4) Unused industrial capacity (the mountain of unsold goods has resulted in a large percentage of machinery of all kinds lying idle, while many pressing needs--but needs that the people who have them can't pay for--go unmet);

5) Growing unemployment (machines and raw materials are available, but using them to satisfy the needs of the people who don't have the money to pay for what could be made would not make profits for those who own the machines and raw materials--and in a market economy profits are what matters);

6) Growing social and economic inequality (the rich get richer and everyone else gets poorer, many absolutely and the rest in relation to the rapidly growing wealth of the rich);

7) With such a gap between the rich and the poor, egalitarian social relations become impossible (people with a lot of money begin to think of themselves as a better kind of human being and to view the poor with contempt, while the poor feel a mixture of hatred, envy and queasy respect for the rich);

8) Those with the most money also begin to exercise a disproportional political influence, which they use to help themselves make still more money;

9) Increase in corruption in all sectors of society, which further increases the power of those with a lot of money and puts those without the money to bribe officials at a severe disadvantage;

10) Increase in all kinds of economic crimes, with people trying to acquire money illegally when legal means are not available (and someti...



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