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2012 Aliens or Destruction

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Essay Preview: 2012 Aliens or Destruction

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2012: Aliens or Destruction?

The Mayas predicted that there would be an end to the Age of Gold on the 21st of December 2012. These 2012 Prophecies vary depending on who you ask, from aliens to the rapture and on to catastrophic events. Most "New Age" people believe that aliens will be making their return to Earth. From a religious standpoint people say it will be the rapture marking the return of the Savior. Others claim there will be a catastrophic event causing life to cease to exist on this planet we call home. No matter which of the prophecies you stand behind the result is still the same; there will be some significant event.

Aliens may have been what different religions considered to be the Gods or God and Jesus. Many Theorists claim that aliens either placed our species on this planet or bred with our species bringing about the Nephilim which can be translated as "giants" or "fallen ones." It is said that they came to Earth and helped mankind at different turning points for religious beliefs and historical events. They left and promised they would return some time in the future but not saying exactly when. Aliens' returning to the Earth is not a bad outcome when it comes to the 2012 Prophecies. The world would not be destroyed if aliens were returning to the planet, they would come to help. When the aliens left our planet, they promised a return. The Mayans predicted this significant event to be in December 2012, which is this year. Looking to aliens does sound like a nice thought compared to the destruction of our kind.

On the other hand, the majority of prophecies for the fast approaching December involve the destruction of mankind. Several researchers claim that the Earth's axis will shift causing the poles to change. Others say that a meteor will hit the Earth causing an enormous dust cloud killing all life. A meteor would not go unnoticed for very long with the advances that have been made at NASA. It would be seen and something would be done to destroy or deter a meteor. Most of these catastrophes are something that can be noticed with instruments in the geological field. There are instruments that read earthquakes and measure the impact from the, if there was any change in frequency or magnitude people would be notified. These cataclysmic events have been seen in prophecies ranging from Nostradamus, I-Ching, and the Native Americans.

These so-called predictions for what is to come in December are not founded in truth although the only fact is that the Mayas did have a calendar that ended with this event. Unfortunately, the Mayan people met their demise soon after this date was added the calendar. They were completely wiped out and unable to continue with the calendar, which causes confusion for those translating the prediction. No one can be certain of what will happen when that day arrives; unless, it is something



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