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2nd Amendment

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You hear a crash and a door being forced open in your home, what would you want nearby? If you're anything like me you'll want a small gun or pistol close to defend yourself with. The right to bear arms is constantly being debated and challenged by government officials and questioned by our peers. Although I do agree that we need further screening and psychological tests for those wishing to possess a gun they are an undeniable right granted to us by the Constitution and our forefathers.

"A growing body of serious research, led by eminent professors, historians, lawyers and Constitutional scholars, is providing overwhelming evidence that "the people" of the Second Amendment refers to you and me." (Codrea) This shows that although this seems like it would be very clear but many people think that this only refers to those past and not current citizens of the United States. Although the need for a militia is no longer a viable argument the fact that citizens own guns is a large factor that sways countries against invading us. They wouldn't only be fighting our military, the citizens of America would make them suffer for every step they would take.

Many college campuses have a ban on gun possession on campus, though protested by many students in concern for their safety after one event in particular. "The campaign's message is sure to resonate in Stillwater, since a student was shot and robbed just a few feet away from the edge of campus a few hours after the SCCC campaign ended. You don't have to be on the Dean's List to see that Oklahoma State's "no guns allowed" policy didn't help the victim, and it didn't stop his attacker." (LaPierre) This shows that the inability to carry a weapon limits defense and causes crimes like this to become easier and easier to commit.

Now to go back a few hundred years to when our great and proud country was just an idea in some radical minds of the ones we call our founding fathers. To begin with just how did we organize a militia? Well we asked for volunteers from the many that owned rifles, mainly farmers who had them to protect their crops and their families, the guns that were meant to protect their crop fields were the guns that fought for every inch of this rich and fertile soil that we must strive to defend every day. By losing our right to bear arms we lose our right to protect ourselves and our means of self reliance. These were taken account when our forefathers wrote our Constitution and included this American right. Some historians say the right was specific to that time, although this is what was ruled in the Supreme Court "it protect the inherent right of self-defense" (Savage).

"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed" (United States Constitution) My personal interpretation



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