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3d Printer – a Game Changer and Industrial Robot

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Essay Preview: 3d Printer – a Game Changer and Industrial Robot

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Assignment: 3D Printer – A Game Changer and Industrial robot

3D printing refers to various processes of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file.3D printing is changing the way we produce objects, from tools and toys, to food, and even body parts. These objects can be of almost any shape or geometry .It’s a tech revolution taking place in homes across the world.  In addition to basic plastic resins, the other materials include ceramics, cement , glass , numerous metals , metal alloys , new thermoplastic composites infused with carbon nanotubes and fibers.

It is going to open up the opportunities in the areas of mass customization and decentralized production. 3 D printing can change the dynamics of the consumer culture.3 D printing can change you from passive consumer to active creator. Through 3D printing, people can create next big inventions, Engineers or designers can create smart production hands, etc. Shapeways is an online 3D printing community in the marketplace. Anyone can upload the 3d model and they can print it for them. You can bring the product to the market with no risk.

3D printing has the potential to:

1) Shrink supply chains

2) Save product development times

3) Meet expectations of customers with products tailored to their preference and needs.

3D printing puts consumers in charge of supply chain. The traditional supply chain involoves entire chain i.e supplies, manufactures, retailer and consumer. 3D priniting can change the game completely by directly producing the finished product and deliver it to customer.3D priniting is highly responsive and infinitely flexible supply chain that fulfills the needs of the customer.3D printers can create a close relationship between design, engineering, marketing and manufacturing,their use holds the potential to shift some manufacturing away from low-wage countries and close to customer base.

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Benefits of 3D printing for  future Supply chains solutions in my organizational sector (Polymers & packaging) :

1) Development of prototype of designs: Prototypes can be made quickly and cheaply before incurring the high factory production costs.3D prototypes can mirror properties for functional testing, revealing products prior to end production. Locating design flaws through prototyping can make the manufacturing process more cost effective.

3D printing also shortens the supply chain by speeding up product development cycles.

2) Improved Packaging: 3D printing materials now utilize head pressured environments, including high-performance thermoplastics. These materials, coupled with 3D printing, create custom thermoforming patterns. The printing process provides fast, accurate prototypes facilitating more comprehensive feedback for all internal customers. It’s especially important when developing new packaging or modifying the current packaging. This also accommodates the production of various sizing considerations when designing packaging alternatives. The net result is more economical process in developing product designs and packaging process.



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