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48 Hour Sacrafice

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On June 30, 2011 I reached the decision to do a 48 hour sacrifice of no Twitter or Facebook. It was actually my last resort out of the three things we had to choose from. I knew I didn't watch television that much, so my social networking would be the thing I would be forced to sacrifice. I didn't want to but I knew I had to. I know it sounds crazy, but I was one of the hardest things to do.

The first day of my sacrifice was definitely the hardest out of the two. I didn't think I could do it. From the notifications I received on my phone to the side conversations on what happen on last nights twitter debate, I thought I was going to break. Then the second day I calmed down and realized its only a social network, accessed through a computer. When I was on my social network I forgot that there was a world here, and that I could be out and about doing something productive.

I choose to give up social networking because I wanted to prove to myself that I wasn't addicted and I could survive without it. It was of great value to me because it was a way to keep up with the latest news, and to stay connected with my friends. I still love Twitter and Facebook, but I no longer hold it up to the standard that I use to.

I replaced my social networking time with family time. I took my little sister to the park every now and again. I watched movies with my whole family. I took the time to really spent time with them. My day was way more productive, and a lot more things got done around the house. My mom really appreciated that. I can say now my social networking is definitely not a necessity it a want. Even though I still desire to get on there sometimes I absolutely don't need it.

I learned that everything we want we don't always need. If you told me a week ago to stop my social networking I would have looked at you like you lost your mind. I no longer hold social networking to that high standard that I once did. I don't know why society puts a high value on social networking. I would say in a way all it is doing is messing up our social skills. I say I definitely had my priorities out of wack. I definitely could exist without social networking, after the first day it was cake



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