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86th Mico Aligns Under 89th Troop Command

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Essay Preview: 86th Mico Aligns Under 89th Troop Command

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86th MICO Aligns Under 89th Troop Command. (U) The Commanding General has directed the re-alignment of units within the 893rd Troop Command one of which is the 86th Military Intelligence Company. The structure guidance comes about in order to take into consideration that AA entities are currently operating under MTOE C2 and support the realization that the 193rd MP BN should have between two and five AA entities to support NGB guidance. The Force Management Working Group (FMWG) has developed several courses of actions of which 6d support realignment of the 86th MICO under the 89th TC.

This COA of aligning the 86th under 89th TC is strongly desired by this command based on the following reasons:

1) It should first be established that the 86 MI Co is part of the 86 IBCT (Infantry Brigade Combat Team), Vermont. This relationship is doctrinal, unlike that to a Fires Brigade. Recently, 86 MI Co deployed with OIF/OND, whereby the 86 MI Co employed its full set of capabilities - HUMINT, SIGINT / ELINT and ISR - not just its UAV capability, as would the 169 Fires Brigade. 89TC has an organic Infantry Battalion, 1-157 IN, which closely matches this light infantry skill set and serves as a host for the MI Co to train to specific METL tasks.

2) There is no habitual relationship for 86 MI Co within 89TC. Because 86 MI Co doesn't "belong" to a MTOE tactical BDE HQ, 89TC can fully support its present alignment with the 86 IBCT, and its unique training relationship to train with each other at least twice a year. 86 MI Co conducts its Annual Training (AT) with the 86th IBCT, not its ADCON parent brigade. In 89TC, 86 MI Co chooses its training, rather than the BDE HQ choosing it for them.

3) The 86 MI Co MTOE is designed to support an IBCT. And 89TC offers the best alternative to a BCT, having multiple maneuver battalions within. It is standard, easy, and efficient to enable training opportunities to the 86 MI Co, as a slice element, to support any of the subordinate battalions within the Troop Command, as displayed at the recent Troop Command Combined Arms Exercise (CAX), Ft. Carson. Furthermore, 169 Fires is a division asset and a non-land owner on the battlefield whereas 86 MI Co is specifically designed to support a land-owning BCT.

4) Already, the 86 MI CO is tied into the Troop Command battle rhythm of training meetings, USR, YTB, ATMS, and Command Update Briefs, etc.

5) Aligning 86 MI Co under 193 MP increases the MP BN's C2 ratio from two to five AA entities [1) 220 MP, 2) HHC, 193 MP, 3) 947 EN, 4) 1157 EN, 5) 86 MI Co]. This task organization supports NGB guidance that each BN HQ has five subordinate companies.

6) 86 MI Co is task organized into three platoons: ISR PLT (HUMINT - one HUMIT Collection Team (primarily conducts interrogations and source operations) is assigned to each maneuver



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